The most “freak” family in cinema is back: “Los Locos Addams”

This October 14, the animated film “Los Locos Addams 2”, one of the most beloved and dysfunctional families in pop culture, opens in theaters. In Mexico the main voices are in charge of Susana Zabaleta What “Morticia”, Gloria Aura as “Merlin“And Roberto Pisano as” Homero “, who in an interview with EL INFORMADOR, talk about this fun project in which this creepy lineage will carry out a “road trip” because the children of the house are becoming adolescents and a deeper connection must be generated.

“They make this trip because they have problems, and I think that on trips you spend 24 hours with your children and that is where you realize what is happening. ‘Merlina’, who is in full adolescence, has problems and does not understand a little what is happening in her life. So, they decide to make this trip to be able to complement and understand what is happening with this stage, and also have fun, because ‘Los Addams’ fascinates us to have fun no matter what others think ”, shares Susana.

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It further states that wherever they go “Los Addams“A revolution happens”, “But what does it matter if we are going to have a great time. The wonderful message that this family has, is that you have fun, that absolutely nothing happens, no matter how strange you are, if you and your family accept each other, what do you care how other people see you. Only those who know you can love you as you are ”.

Gloria, who plays “Merlina”, also anticipates that in this new chapter of “The Addams”, “Pericles” will begin to like a girl, among other situations that will happen in the course of the film. “Many of us have eternal adolescent syndrome. There are times when I look in the mirror in the morning and I still have the same doubts as when I was 15, and I think that must be something that I have to deal with (laughs), but that not knowing stuff is very common. where we belong to. And just the ‘Addams’ family breaks with that, that you don’t have to belong, but you have to be you and always respect your essence ”.

He expresses that just “Merlina” begins with these doubts because he is understanding that he is entering a new stage in his life. “She is a girl who has a very high IQ, she is a person who likes to experiment and scientifically verify things, so she leaves the family to explore other possibilities in her life, and obviously this breaks with family harmony and makes that his parents have this fear that he will get lost, and it is normal for this to happen, but the fear of the parents is that it is not lost forever”.

In the search for family unity, “The Addams” will seek to solve these problems that are very deep. “Part of the charm of this family is that family unit, being who they are. Anyone sees them and they are pure ‘freaks’, but they are happy and feel normal. Many times we, as people in real life, swear that our family is normal and for others it can be a very strange thing, because everyone’s customs are different, and I think this is part of what makes this family carry so many years and that it continues to be current and present in society ”, concludes Roberto Pisano.

“It doesn’t matter how weird you are, if you and your family accept each other, what do you care how other people see you. Only those who know you can love you as you are.”

– Susana Zabaleta, soprano and actress.


Courtesy / Universal Pictures

Everyone’s creepy family favorite returns in the new animated comedy sequel, “The Addams 2 Fools.” In this new installment we will see “Morticia” and “Homer” anguished because their children are growing up, they don’t want to go to family meals, and they are totally consumed by the “screaming age”. To regain their bond, they decide to pack “Merlina”, “Pericles”, “Uncle Lucas” and the rest of the Addams in their haunted chariot and go on a road trip for one last miserable family vacation. Your adventure across the United States will take you out of your routine and bring you fun encounters with the iconic “Uncle Cosa” and many new and eccentric characters. At the end of the day … what could go wrong?



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