The Montaner mansion: this is the 11 million dollar house that the family has in Miami

After a commented marriage, Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner went on their honeymoon. But nevertheless, it was known that upon their return the marriage will settle in the mansion that Ricardo and Marlene Montaner have on Pine Tree Drive, in Miami. This stay will be temporary, since both are in search of their love nest.

This Miami mansion is a true Eden, there the Montaner family got together to go through the early days of the pandemic, and where Stefi spent a large part of her relationship with the singer and his family.

It was learned that this house was built in 1939 and Ricardo Montaner acquired it in 2001 for 2.1 million dollars, while today its value exceeds 11 million.

The property is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami and it has eight bedrooms with bathroom each, a living room, a games room and a garden with a nursery.

Inside the house, light and pastel colors predominate, with huge glass doors and windows that give it a lot of light. It is important to highlight that the mansion has an exclusive dock that overlooks a green water channel, where the artist usually retires to meditate and compose.

The particular detail is that the mansion gives the impression of being located in the middle of a tropical jungle, and has huge gardens and a gigantic two-level pool.


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