The Minister of the Court suffered an attempted robbery in the center

The minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the province Daniel Erbetta suffered an attempted seizure on Wednesday in the heart of the city.

The official made statements and explained that in the morning he was moving along Paraguay Street between Santa Fe and San Lorenzo when he was approached by a man who tried to rob him, although he could not achieve his objective.

“There is an absolute and permanent absence in the police presence. In the last year I have already witnessed no less than three outbursts in that place, ”Erbetta told Radio 2.

“This requires that the three powers of the State and some intermediate entities agree and leave the issue off the electoral agenda; that a strategic plan be agreed that has the commitment and support of all ”, he added.

The minister also highlighted that the province has “a serious problem that is control over the police” and recalled the shooting last Sunday at the El Establo grill: “The Police arrived at 40 minutes, the motorcycle went the wrong way in the direction of where is the police station ”.

“It is important to reinforce the investigative work, to have a political control of the Police. It is hard for me to think that a person can do what he did on the grid in Pellegrini street ”, he remarked.

The official also indicated that he had already provided data to the Prosecutor’s Office on the attempted rape.

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