“The millionaire” that the Colombian will be paid, just for attending an event in Ecuador

Theophilus Gutierrez the current forward of the Deportivo Cali, which his fans are delighted with his role in the team, since they attribute much of the title obtained in the second half of 2021 to him.

The one with the “Chinita” has earned his position as one of the most important figures in the sugar industry, his leadership and his sporting ability. have made the green and white technician Raphael Dudamel trust him, so much so that he was awarded the captain’s ribbon in a short time, being able to give it to other players with more experience in Cali, who lined up to receive it.

As well as his fans who applaud him every time he steps on the field, and outside of it, Gutiérrez is treated like a true “Caleña” star.

Photo: Instagram Deportivo Cali

However, in his native country it is not the only place where he is seen as a celebrity, since the Barranquilla is in demand internationally only for its image and what it represents for the athletes who are resurfacing.

In Ecuador, Gutiérrez was invited to an event to be held on next february 11, in which the presentation of the team will be made University technicianIt is striking that it is only an advertising visit since the Colombian would not have any sporting link with that club.

Generally, Ecuadorians tend to carry out this type of event involving former players from the squad, something that would not apply in this case with “Teo”. Apparently, the Cali star is acclaimed by many abroad.

The person in charge of inviting the attacker is José Eugenio Hernández, known as ‘Cheché’ Hernández, a well-remembered Colombian coach who currently leads the University Technical team.

The Colombian quota would not be on the part of Teo alone, since Cúcuta Deportivo will be the team with which the local team will have to face, as the main attraction.

What they will pay teo just for going

Photo: Instagram Teofilo Gutiérrez

Photo: Instagram Teofilo Gutiérrez

The figure was revealed by the Ecuadorian journalist Carlos Munoz, who reported that around $11’901.300 Colombian pesos, Teófilo will get into his pocket just for showing his face in said sporting event.

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