The mega act of Together for Change after the triumph with which it will seek to consolidate its candidates

The spirits of the members of Together for Change They are in the clouds after the PASO last Sunday. That is why there will be an act with the candidates who won the internal elections and will be competing in the general elections on November 14.

The referents of Together for Change they want to be united and that is why next Tuesday they will have the photo. While some members, such as Alfredo Cornejo, president of the UCR, traveled on Sunday night, absolutely everyone will be present next week. Of course, they hope that no one is missing.

If the results of Sunday were repeated, the Front of All it would have 35 senatorial seats out of the 37 needed to have a quorum. Yes Together for Change closes some alliances in the face of the generals could have a majority and therefore, unity is key, the one they seek to achieve with this type of event.

Together for Change It is already closing agreements between internal candidates so that votes are not lost. Such is the case of Ricardo López Murphy, who will finally occupy the fourth place on the list of Maria Eugenia Vidal in the City of Buenos Aires so that the liberal vote does not migrate to Javier Milei.

The great promoters of this act are Alfredo Cornejo and Patricia bullrich, who want to gain power. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was the most favored of this election, since the strategy of putting Diego Santilli in the province of Buenos Aires and María Eugenia Vidal in CABA was his idea.

In this way, they seek to show all winning faces together to show a united party with great aspirations for November and 2023, when the presidential elections will take place.

At the moment, it is only known that the event will be on Tuesday in the City of Buenos Aires, but officially, they have not given more details. They are expected to do so from the main opposition party in the next few hours.


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