The mayor Matías Stevanato changed a key piece in his Cabinet

The Aroma by Lacoste in the small table of the quartermaster will be one of the seven or eight changes that are expected in the coming days and that Matías Stevanato was outlining after the fall in the legislature that left Peronism without a majority in the Maipucino Deliberative Council.

gustavo aroma councilor maipu.jpg

Councilor Gustavo Aroma will be the new Secretary of Government of Stevanato

The other confirmed change is that of the new municipal delegate, Marcela Castello, who has already taken office in the eastern part of the department, where an important sewer work began.

These first modifications in Stevanato’s team come after he was shown together with the brothers Alejandro and Adolfo Bermejo, in a meeting of “mayors” that served not only to update the legislative agenda but also to see them united after the slap. Sunday 14.


Felix, another who changes

The Mayor of San Rafael (PJ) will also reach out to the Cabinet but, as he says, not for the same reasons that Stevanato did in Maipú or the radical Marcolini in Alvear. Emir Félix assured that the changes had already been designed since the beginning of the year and that they have to do with the wear and tear of some officials.

One of the strongest will be for reasons of necessity: Liliana Paponet leaves her seat in the provincial legislature to assume in December in Congress as a national deputy and will be replaced by Gustavo Perret, current Secretary of Government of San Rafael.

The name of who will occupy the place that he leaves empty in the municipality will be confirmed in the first days of December.

The rest of the variants, which will be four or five, will be in task areas that demand a lot of intensity such as those of law and gender violence, those of civil defense and some municipal delegations.

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