The mayor Juan Manuel Ojeda was angry at the request to eliminate the National Goat Festival

“Each citizen has the tools and legal channels that he or she deems appropriate, with which this person can do whatever he wants. You can go to Justice, Justice will define. We are always respectful of the law, “the mayor of Malargüe told Diario UNO.

The communal chief added that Mellado “is strongly unaware of reality, history, culture. He is unaware of the biological system. Ask the fox or the puma to see if they don’t eat the goat. What you are proposing does not seem the most coherent to me. I say it with respect. “

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The traditional Malargüina festival takes place every year the last week of January.

About the National Goat Festival

Clearly there are people in need of prominence about nonsense things, because having so many problems in the world to try to solve, the truth is that the time you have to think about these kinds of things, “said Ojeda.

At the beginning of this week, Alfredo Mellado made the following request public: “Mr. Mayor of Malargüe, Juan Manuel Ojeda, the National Goat Festival is approaching in your commune. thousands of innocent beings are massacred every January. This “tradition” implies a massive violation of animal rights, of sentient beings, whose only desire is to live. I do not conceive (or we conceive) that the palate and / or the economic resources are erected in values ​​superior to the sacred right to life. Thus this festive event is outrageous and repulsive. We ask and demand, it is suppressed and is excluded forever from the calendar of tourist events (or whatever) of the Department such atrocity. Let you know that the killing constitutes a biocide; violates express legal provisions, both provincial, national and international. Therefore, we are willing to go to court to enforce the rights of our clients, the Animals. “

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Alfredo Mellado, lawyer and head of the Association Reencuentro por la Vida Animal (Asoreva).

Alfredo Mellado, lawyer and head of the Association Reencuentro por la Vida Animal (Asoreva).

Mellado is a constant defender of animals, head of the Association Reunion for Animal Life (Asoreva), and he is the one who usually presents himself as plaintiff in cases of animal abuse, as happened with the dog that three young people gave him to drink alcohol.

In addition, he is one of the promoters of the Public Veterinary Hospital in Mendoza, whose project is in the Legislature.

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