The lunch in Nordelta that catapulted Carolina Losada to the Senate

After winning the intern of the most voted front in Santa Fe, the journalist Carolina Losada was one step away from becoming senator national. Her victory was both hers and the man who signed her candidacy, the provincial deputy Julian Galdeano, a benchmark for a sector of radicalism that has been paying tribute to Together for Change (JxC).

Losada and Galdeano began to weave their successful triumph at the beginning of June, when the leader traveled to Buenos Aires to offer you compete in the PASO, convinced that his popularity would allow him to break the ceiling that the cast of JxC showed in Santa Fe. At a luncheon held in el hotel Wyndham Nordelta in which there was sushi and various salads, Losada I do not doubt. Yes, I want.

They say from the surroundings of the Santa Fe leader that he himself was surprised by the answer. “I was in exploratory mode, I didn’t imagine that she say yes so fast“They explain from the Radical Action Movement (MAR), the faction in which Georgina Losada -sister of the candidate- has been active for years, who also participated in the meeting.

It’s been a while since the journalist he wanted to get into politics. He had already had other opportunities, but in this case the proposal came from his province. They say that like Argentines who still living abroad continue to read news from their country, she opens the portals of Rosario, your natal city.

Thus, Galdeano hired a team of communication specialists to give the new leader the tools that would complement her charisma. The political consultant Lucio Guberman and the publicist Sebastián Abramovich, with a long history in campaigns, joined in.

The name of Losada was accompanied by a group of leaders who assured her to win territoriality in more difficult places. Dionisio Scarpin, current mayor of Avellaneda, gave him many votes in the north of Santa Fe. Mario Barletta, former mayor of Santa Fe, did the same in the capital. Finally, the inclusion of the also journalist Ana Martínez was also a success: she has had several campaigns with good results.

When a leader of socialism found out about the play, he ordered a measure to Losada in Rosario. Two and a half points, they told him. A month, that same consultancy forecast a figure four times higher. Its rapid installation was due to several factors, but above all to the ingenuity of the communication team, responsible for many of the initiatives that – not without controversy – gave a lot of visibility to the list.

“We expected to win but not only because of the polls they gave above, we had all the expectations of winning, I felt a back and forth with the people “, said Losada when the numbers already marked an irreversible trend, to later summarize the key to their success:” The people she’s tired of the traditional politician and his promises. ”

In addition to putting the journalist at the doors of the Senate, the PASO opened the doors of a new stage in JxC, marked by a greater participation of radicalism, which will ask to lead the space in Santa Fe, where it appears as the main opposition force. Federico Angelini, the main reference of the PRO, finished third in the internship.

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