"The low percentage of children registered for vaccination also occurs in Bahia"

The head of Health Region 1, Maximiliano Núñez Fariña, said this morning that “it is very worrying” the low percentage of children between the ages of 3 and 11 who signed up to receive the coronavirus vaccine and assured that the numbers are repeated “in almost the entire Province and in Bahía Blanca “.

In this way, the professional agreed with the words of the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, who described yesterday as “really worrying” that about 35% of children from 3 to 11 years old are not registered. “We have enrolled 65% of the estimated population,” assured Nicolás Kreplak.

They affirm that in January the trials of phase 1 of the Argentine vaccine will begin

In that sense, Núñez Fariña said that there are several reasons for the low enrollment.

“The lack of information, the lack of accessibility, the fear of parents and people who do not agree with vaccination that makes people start to doubt” influences the campaign, he mentioned in dialogue with Panorama, by LU2.

“It has been shown that the vaccine gives more benefits than non-vaccination, because it not only reduces the circulation of the virus but also increases immunity. The ANMAT authorized vaccination with Sinopharm for young people from 3 to 11 years old, that is the reality”, Held.

The dentist also said that “in Bahia, the estimated population is 36,000 boys; 21,700 are already registered, with 35% already vaccinated, about 16,381.” “We are looking for strategies for people to come to get vaccinated,” he continued.

He also mentioned that “there is a very high percentage of people between 18 and 35 years old who have not been to have the second dose.”

“That is why we must remember that the pandemic is not over and that part of the world is complicated with outbreaks,” he completed.

In Bahía Blanca, the total number of vaccines applied against COVID-19 amounts to 491,365.

From there, 221,836 people completed the scheme; that is, they have already received both doses.

Meanwhile, 9,756 citizens have already agreed to a third dose in the city.

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