The live fainting of a Channel 9 chronicler

“Sorry, Claudio”, managed to say the notary.

Carlos Ferrara, Channel 9 chronicler, was covering the day of the newscast in the testing center of the Teatro Colón, when surprisingly fainted while broadcasting live.

“Sorry, Claudio”, the notary managed to say, and later a blow was heard. Claudio Pérez, the driver who was on the floor of the canal, was surprised and began to ask: “What happened? What happened?”. Seconds later the cameraman focused on the vandalized man on the ground.

Immediately, Pérez requested a commercial cut-off to fully understand the situation. “Carlos had some difficulty, he is in a testing center, they will surely attend to him,” he said.

Upon returning from the cut, Pérez explained: “The first thing we want to say is that we were waiting for confirmation that he was being treated. He had a small decompensation but fortunately, there was no more, a minute and a half, there were people from SAME who are already treating and controlling him “.


Given the concern of viewers, from the channel’s Twitter account they wrote: “We want to bring peace of mind about the health of our partner, the journalist Carlos Ferrara, who suffered a decompensation in the air and was assisted by SAME ”.

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