The list of internal enemies that puts the power of Máximo Kirchner in crisis

The power strategy that the national deputy deployed in the last two years Maximum Kirchner begins to weaken. The list of adversaries is increasing and as if that were not enough, some surveys indicate that the cleavage of the antikirchnerismo.

The first Peronist who stood firm in front of Maximum Kirchner was the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray. The Buenos Aires chief stood before the onslaught of the son of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and put obstacles to the landing of Máximo in the presidency of the Buenos Aires PJ. But at that time the national deputy took advantage of the wind in favor of the triumph of 2019 and got support from other territorial leaders. However, little by little the situation has begun to change. Today, there is a deep discontent of barons of the suburbs with the leader of The field and the Kirchnerism.

On the other hand, on the list of Peronist contenders Maximum Kirchner seems to have joined the CGT. In the workers’ central they have also spread their discomfort with Kirchnerism and there were even rumors of internal maneuvers to deactivate any possibility that Maximum Kirchner became Minister of Labor of Alberto Fernandez. They were only comments, but the alarms in the CGT were activated.

In the last few hours, versions of a strong cross between a union leader and the son of Nestor and Cristina. Specifically, the CGT reference would have told him that Kirchner’s surname is “piantavotos” and made it clear that they no longer bank him.

Cristina Kirchner with her son Máximo Kirchner.

The journalist Eduardo Feinmann gave more details about this short circuit and assured that the CGT reference made a strong analogy to explain the internal break with the Kirchnerism. “The body has the head, which are you from La Cámpora, all thinkers and strategists; your mother can become the heart; the president can be the liver, which is a fundamental organ; and we from the CGT are the ass: black, smelly and smelly. I’m going to explain something to you, Máximo: when the ass closes for several days, the body is filled with shit that reaches the brain and explodes. Do you understand, baby? And it left “, he narrated Feinmann.

But perhaps the most striking of all is the third name that appears on the list of enemies of Máximo Kirchner. He is a former official of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who was sworn in the position he holds for “Nestor and Cristina”. This is the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni.

In recent days it was revealed that there was a strong crossover between Maximum Kirchner and Sergio Berni after September 12 and that almost did not end with physical attacks between the two. According to several witnesses, that day Berni he treated him as “conceited and capricious.”

However, beyond that list of enemies, what most complicates the national deputy in his presidential aspirations are the polls that clearly show the rejection that Kirchnerism generates in society. According to the data released by Zuban Córdoba y Asociados, when asked if the respondents felt Kirchnerist or anti-Kirchnerist, the difference was abysmal. 26.5% say they are Kirchner, while 56.8% definitely express themselves as anti-Kirchner.

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