The life of Herminia Weinbaum, star "undisputed" of MDQ

Herminia Weinbaum passed away at the age of 89 and the stardom he reached in the program “MDQ”, hosted by his two sons Eugenio and Culini, made the city of Mar del Plata dress in black. She is one of the most iconic mothers on Argentine television and she knew how to put the public in her pocket with her humor and the “challenges” to her children.

While the brothers Eugenio and Sebastián Weinbaum They were the famous, Herminia led the baton of an entire clan made up of five more children: Víctor Eduardo, Karina, Gabriela, Estela and Gracianaall fruits of their relationship with Milo Weinbaum, a Polish immigrant. “She is a fighter. We come from a family that did not have a weight. Having a plate of food for seven children was insanesaid Eugenio about his mother in an interview with DiarioShow.

Herminia Weinbaum with five of her seven children.

The woman made her way to fame in parallel with her children (the hosts) on the MDQ show, made for fans of the world of surfing. Her self-confidence, ease and courage when challenging her children made her a very lovable character for viewers, and in each broadcast of the cycle she surprised with a different phrase that distinguished her from any other woman her age.

“Dear friends: Herminia, our example of life, left yesterday. A beautiful woman with a unique heart. He crossed the most difficult roads with joy, firmness, love and optimism. If we didn’t have a roof, he would convince us that it was beautiful because you could see the stars … and as always, he was right ”, the brothers wrote on Twitter Weinbaum on the Twitter account of MDQ Para Todos el Mundo to say goodbye to his mother.

Herminia’s last public appearance was on the program’s Instagram, published in October last year and with the excuse of celebrating Mother’s Day. “Happy day to all mothers”Herminia said with her huge smile and open arms.

Herminia, Eugenio and Culini: an unforgettable trio of Argentine television.

Carry out a large family clan

On more than one occasion Herminia spoke of her large family and what it is like to be the head of such a clan. “My husband was crazy about boys and I always liked them too. That’s why I made my children all the same, I made a mold”Herminia said.

“We said: ‘How beautiful they come out, let’s not waste it; when we get to seven we stop. ‘ We stopped there because it is just one count per week. We did it thinking that we were going to visit the boys weekly. One day to one, another day to another and thus we covered the whole week without being a lead to anyone. The following week the cycle would begin again. We calculate like this with my husband, I recommend the format for whoever wants to imitate it “he joked.

“Just because of who I am, I think all my children inherited the same insanity. We are all crazy, but happy and content. What my children had as their goal in life they achieved, that really is a blessing, a gift of life “Herminia told about her most important legacy: her family.

Your entry to MDQ

According to Eugenio, it all started with a simple question: “Ma, don’t you want to close the program?” What began as a one-time thing to give a broadcast a different taste, ended up changing the history of the cycle and the life of Herminia. “The most beautiful thing for me, as a mother, is that my children let me enter their world”Herminia told Gente magazine in 2003.

About her first appearance on MDQ, Herminia recalled: “They were filming along the coast and a policeman delayed them for a matter of documenting the car and with all the paperwork they had to do, they couldn’t record the closing of the program on time, so my son told me: ‘Mommy, right? do you dare to close the program? ‘ That’s when the boys rang, because I did it and it turned out that I liked the camera “he said in December 2015, in a note with Central magazine.

“Poor giles” is his iconic phrase that remains to be remembered. This is how he interrupted his children while they drove and roused the laughter of the viewers. And how could it be otherwise, the closing of each issue already belonged to her. According to his children, he is “the undisputed star” of the program and there will be no other like it.

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