The legal case against the president and Fabiola Yañez for the party in Olivos advances

The day after the PASO, The legal case for the birthday of the first lady Fabiola Yañez in Quinta de Olivos, in which the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, is accused, was definitively in charge of the federal justice of San Isidro.

Judge Lino Mirabelli accepted the competition on Monday, as his colleague Sebastián Casanello had proposed.

“I share the position of the declining magistrate insofar as some of the denounced events, in alleged transgression of the sanitary measures dictated by the national authorities with the purpose of mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, whose common denominator is positioned in the Olivos Presidential Estate, should be aired in this territorial area, “said Mirabelli in a brief resolution, reported Infobae.

On September 1, Casanello had ordered the pass to San Isidro on understanding that the events occurred in that jurisdiction. The defenses and the prosecutor Ramiro González decided not to appeal and the decision was final last Tuesday.

Mirabelli is on duty during the month of September but there was still a margin of doubt about the final destination of the file because her colleague from San Isidro, Sandra Arroyo Salgado, already had a complaint about the party of July 14, 2020.

Now the magistrate will have to make other decisions, such as answering the unconstitutionality of the Necessity and Urgency Decrees issued by Alberto Fernández, who defended Stefanía Domínguez.

The file has 11 people charged. They are President Fernández, Yañez and nine friends of the First Lady who participated in the celebration: Sofía Pacchi, Santiago Basavilbaso, Emanuel López, Fernando Consagra, Stefanía Domínguez, Federico Abraham, Carolina Marafiotti, Rocío and Florencia Fernández Peruilh.

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