The Left Front achieved 4.3% and is the fourth force in Córdoba

The Left and Worker Fronts is another of the news this Sunday in Córdoba after positioning this political force in fourth place in the PASO at the provincial level.

With 4.3% of the votes, this space, which settled internal this Sunday, positioned itself behind the great structures: Together for Change, We do for Córdoba and the Front of All.

At the same time, this space carried three different ballots within the framework of a Internal vote in which the most voted “Strengthen the Left”, the option that leads Liliana Olivero as a National Deputy and Laura Vilches as National Senator.

Second, within that intern, was “Let’s Revolutionize the Left”, with Luciana Echevarría as a candidate for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies and Raúl Gómez for the Senate.

Finally, the alternative “Worker and Popular” was positioned, headed by Soledad Díaz and Emanuel Berardo, pre-candidates for Deputies and Senators respectively.

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