The Lady in Black prepares two performances at the Teatro Nazas de Torreón, El Siglo de Torreón

In 1994 a group of theater lovers decided to bring La Dama de Negro to Mexico. At that time it was a work with recent success in London, based on the book The woman in black by the writer Susan Hill (1983), turned into a classic of horror literature.

Antonio Calvo, producer of the play, has virtually linked up with El Siglo de Torreón from Mazatlán, a port where another representation has been successful (La Dama de Negro has been on the bill for more than 26 years) and on the eve of its next visit to Torreón, where the play will have two performances (6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.) on Saturday, November 27 at the Nazas Theater.

“This started because Rafael Perrín’s brother had a whiskey company in England and La Dama de Negro had been opening in London for about four years. He saw the play and said, ‘Wow! What an incredible thing! ‘ He bought the rights, spoke to his brother and said, ‘We are going to produce this in Mexico.’ Perrín invited me to do the sound effects for the work, at that time I was more dedicated to composing music ”.

Calvo traveled to London to see the work, while the fate of Rafael Perrín’s brother took other paths. That is the moment when Calvo enters the project as a producer.

“We always thought that the ideal actor for this was Germán Robles, who at that time was an icon of terror, he was like the Mexican Vicent Price, he was the handsome man who had played the vampire in the movies. Don Germán told us that he was delighted, that the idea seemed incredible to him. Germán and Perrín did the first ten years of the work ”.

Bet on terror

Calvo comments that in 1994 there was not a single horror work in Mexico. Questions came to the project about how people would want to go to the theater to be scared. However, the public response was positive from the first show.

“We discovered that all ages liked that feeling and the adrenaline rush of fear, of terror, of feeling this ghost story, of feeling the supernatural. It’s like getting on a roller coaster, it makes the terror really fun. “

The idea of ​​La Dama de Negro gave rise to creative efforts to create a unique, unforgettable experience that would motivate the spectator’s imagination thanks to theatrical art and the stimuli that can be included in it. Thus, each spectator is the builder of his own stage.

“What happens is that The Lady in Black opens the Pandora’s box of your own nightmares. It puts you in an exaggerated state of consciousness. You begin to imagine everything with the sound effects, with this immersive technique that begins to put you in the story and through your imagination you begin to see that you are on a train, that you arrive at a mansion, that you get on a cart where you have to cross a swamp ”.

More than a play, Calvo points out, La Dama de Negro is a live horror experience. That is, even if the work is seen twice, they will be totally different experiences.

Visit to Torreón

After the pandemic, the format of the work has removed the intermediate and reduced to a single act due to the sanitary protocol. This has caused the viewer not to disconnect from the emotion and maintain a rhythm in their inventiveness, with more intensity.

The cast that will visit the Nazas Theater will be made up of actors Alejandro Tommasi and Ernesto D’Alessio. Tickets are now available through the Newticket platform.

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