The Kirchnerist who joined the request for changes in the national Cabinet

After the defeat of Front of All in the legislative elections PASO, the Minister of Community Development of the Province of Buenos Aires, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque He referred to what happened during election day. There, he joined the demands for changes in the President’s Cabinet Alberto Fernandez and said that “we are all expendable“.

Specifically, when analyzing the results of the PASO, the minister pointed out that “there is no need to blame” but “you have to take corresponding measures.”

“We must not get angry, we must listen to the people. We have the responsibility to have the reflexes to give those answers. The results have a national characteristic: for the first time we lose in a national intermediate and that of what we have to take account “, he said to Radio El Uncover.

And, in addition, he added: “I go back to 2009 and 2013, we live in very difficult situations and we always come out with politics, with measures in economic and social matters. It is necessary to be clear about the central axis that determines the result and it seems to me that we have to rebuild the income. When people vote for Peronism, they can forgive Peronism a thousand things but not that it does not rebuild income and that there is a handle to face the situation. “

Alberto Fernández’s Cabinet is in the eye of the storm.

The member of The field He also insisted that “Peronism has to do Peronism. The Front of Everybody. We have to take charge of who we are. We are Peronists and we have to solve people’s lives. “

Around the stressed climate that is lived indoors in the Front of AllHe indicated: “Here there is no problem about whether a leader feels affected or humiliated in his self-esteem. Here we are all expendable, we are all at the disposal of a collective project and fundamentally at the service of the people. Everyone has to assume the historical responsibility it has “.


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