The Kings of Napa: Review der Pilotepisode

Poster zur Serie The Kings of Napa (c) OWN

The new OWN series The Kings of Napa aims to be a succession-like family drama that revolves around a California winemaking empire. Like a cheap gas station wine, however, it exaggerates the format with the flavors.

Oprah Winfrey has to be a succession fan, because with The Kings of Napa, the entertainment billionaire has now made her own version of the award-winning HBO series on her station OWN. Unfortunately, costs and efforts were spared in the implementation, so that the family drama tastes rather cheap in the noble world of wines. In order to somehow whitewash that, the pilot episode shows three typical soap opera shock moments that leave no doubt as to the low quality we are dealing with here.

Showrunner is Janine Sherman Barrois (Claws), while Michelle Listenbee Brown (Love Is___) and Oprah themselves act as producers. Oscar-winning short film director Matthew A. Cherry (“Hair Love“) Directed the opening event. The ensemble includes Ebonee Noel (FBI), Rance Nix (“Baby Frankenstein“), Yaani King (Saving Grace), Ashlee Brian (Family Reunion), Karen LeBlanc (Ransom), Devika Parikh (Grey’s Anatomy) und Isiah Whitlock Jr. (The Wire).

What’s the matter?

The focus is on the extremely wealthy King clan, who earned their fortune and reputation through a vineyard. The magnificent family villa is in the middle of the green, more precisely in the fertile Napa Valley, north of San Francisco. Reginald (Whitlock) and Vanessa (LeBlanc), as the founders of the dynasty, made sure that all descendants are entrusted with important positions in the company so that everyone is in the same boat. The eldest son Dana (Nix) is basically the CFO, while his sister August (Noel) takes care of the marketing. She is most likely the main character of the series and also brings the greatest appreciation for good wines.

Christian (Brian), the baby boy, is more interested in fast cars and long party nights. But he too has to take responsibility, namely as the manager of the all-important bottling plant. Bridgette Pierce (King) manages the vineyard herself, although she is only the niece of Patriarch Reginald and Matriarch Vanessa and thus also the cousin of the three King siblings. In this regard, confusion soon reigns, especially since a tragedy threatens to break up the entire empire. Because Bridgette’s mother Melanie (Parikh), who usually shines with absence, drops a proverbial bomb at the next family get-together …

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