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The Argentine group La Cuarta Pared was based on the film Joker (2019) by Todd Phillips to bring the character to the stage. “It’s a high fence,” recognizes the director, Guillermo Ale, about the film that gave Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar for best actor. “They will see the film adapted to the theater.” an aspiring comedian who suffers from mental illness. “Somehow we wanted the character to move in a real world and try to survive in the midst of a social collapse.”

Ale tells us that they will seek to “expand the concept” of what the character lives. “It’s about the description of all the psychological states through which he passes.” He says that he wrote the script after seeing that the public’s reaction to the film was different in cities or countries. “I was in Colombia doing a tour, and I saw the premiere of the film. What was talked about in Colombia was about violence. A month later I go to Ecuador and see the movie again, and they talked about something else. When I arrived here, in Peru, there was talk of social health, of mental health. I found it very interesting. In Argentina it had another repercussion, they talked about the aesthetic, it was like only the artistic. In Ecuador we saw a very large strike, deaths, in Lima there were also problems. Everything is like a breeding ground, anything could unleash violence.”


Joker has a dramatic axis and they add “fantasies, ironies, acid humor”, but maintains that the crisis due to the pandemic is present in the speech. “There are things that are written and talk about this. The main character is someone closed in on himself, living through an internal pandemic, let’s say. Perhaps something that taught us the pandemic It is that people who thought they were free of all psychological problems realized that confinement can put us on the brink of the ledge.

Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his portrayal of the villain in the Todd Phillips-directed film. Photo: composition/Warner Bros.

“In Argentina the motto was ‘we are going to come out better’. Doctors were applauded at 9 p.m., but one who already certified quite a few passports with the word disbelief, we knew that none of this was going to turn out better, but rather that this was going to enhance our miseries.


As for the theater, Ale points out that a phenomenon has happened after the reopening of the theaters. “People filled the theaters for several months. People began to consume a lot of theater and movie theaters were empty. From seeing so much on screens, they wanted to see live music and theater. It has been a strange phenomenon.”

For The Fourth Wall, the tables give “certain impunity”, without going into “personal whims” to present the Joker. “Theatre is not going to change the world, I know that. I don’t think people will say: ‘From this work I’m going to be more charitable’, but I think it can help someone who already consumes culture, someone who already has sensitivity. But afterwards the theater cannot change anything, what we do is that a person sees himself’. That is why, he maintains, the Joker can be a mirror. “Speak of selfishness.”

with capacity limit and following protocols.

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