The Irrigation plan to increase the number of fines for irrigators

Through a resolution the General Irrigation Department advanced with a key change that anticipates an increase in the strictness of the controls and therefore in the amount of fines that are applied to irrigators. Specifically, resolution 641 empowers the Channel Inspections and gives them an incentive to improve their inspection tasks: from now on, everything collected will go to them.

“The fine was distributed 10% for channel inspection and the rest to the subdelegation and headquarters. Now we have arranged that all go to them, which are the ones that are ultimately in territories with tomeros and inspectors. They are neighbors, one more user If on top of that they face other neighbors in times of scarcity, at least that task should be recognized “, said the DGI Superintendent, Sergio Marinelli.

The proposal was raised by the President of the Honorable Appeals Council and from Honorable Administrative Tribunal Gustavo M. Villegas and the Rio Diamante Councilor, César Bernués. Specifically, they request a modification of the way in which the amounts received by the agency are assigned in respect of fines imposed for infractions and propose that when said sanctions are imposed by the Channel Inspections, “they are the ones that perceive the amounts collected.”

“This modality tends to be a measure destined to improve the activities of the Channel Inspections, so that they carry out a rigorous control of the irrigation system under their jurisdiction, by having the necessary financial resources, in order to avoid any obstruction to the normal runoff of the waters, a measure that becomes necessary in the face of the drought situation that the Province is going through ” they argue.

As a result, it was decided to modify article 4, paragraph a) of Resolution No. 25/99 of the Honorable Tribual Administrative which was drawn up as follows: “The sums of money that are received as a result of the collection of said fines, will be distributed according to the case, as follows: Inc. a): In cases where the minutes are drawn up by Channel Inspections: 100% of the amount will be received by the Channel Inspection “.

“It has to do with what it means to detect theft of water or a diversion that is not authorized or unauthorized use,” said Sergio Marinelli on MDZ Radio.


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