The irony of Daniel Osvaldo after the sparks with Jimena Barón for Momo’s debut in "The academy"

Something occurred that for now did not transcend and that it has to do with Lizardo “, related the Ángel de Brito in” The angels of the morning “, and explained:” He wanted to dance with Momo, the son of Jimena Barón. And for a minor to dance he must have the authorization of both parents ”. Morrison’s artistic debut was borne out by Oslvado’s decision.

“Jimena is a friend in addition to Lizardo. So, it seemed good to him that Momo dance, that he watches the program a million times and has a good time there ”, recalled De Brito, who, however, stressed that Barón had denied the influencer’s proposal. “This is not what they are saying, not at all. Lizardo told her one day at the house as a joke. It is very small”, Explained the jury.


Baron was careful not to talk about his ex. “I’m not talking about Momo’s dad. My son is already grown up and it is a decision I made ”, said the creator of“ La cobra ”. Lizardo supported her: “It was a joke that he also followed me because he told me: ‘You’re lousy, I can lift you too’ and I said: ‘I have to get something’. A good score from Jimena, because she was the only one I had left, but not even that ”.

To make it clear that Morrison’s invitation to dance was nothing more than humorous, Lizardo revealed that his partner’s name is Juan and that he will soon make his triumphal entry onto the “ShowMatch” track. “So Momo will continue to see him dance at my house, on weekends and at La Bresh”joked the participant.

Brito, however, remained firm with his version and assured that Barón denied it because “he does not want more conflicts” with his ex. “What we are telling was told by the production. They wanted me to dance and Jimena asked for the authorization, which seems to have not arrived. I do not answer. In fact, she hasn’t looked after her son for a long time. He does not answer “, said the driver of “LAM”.

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Although the singer did not speak about the subject again, Osvaldo deleted all the photos that he had published last year when the third reconciliation with the mother of his son took place. The decision drew attention because, when he began his relationship with Gianinna Maradona, left the posts on Instagram. Now he not only deleted the images but also stopped following his ex.

And not only that, he and his girlfriend, Diego Maradona’s daughter, posted messages at exactly the same time. “How sad it must be to live tied to your past …”Osvaldo wrote this Wednesday at six in the morning. “Your happiness is tied to your freedom” (“Your happiness is linked to your freedom”, translated into Spanish), was the phrase that Gianinna Maradona chose to also post early this Wednesday.

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