The interior designer of “House for sale” Emmanuelle Rivassoux gives her decorating advice

Comparse of Stéphane Plaza in “House for sale” and in “Mieux chez soi” on M6, Emmanuelle Rivassoux co-hosts these shows where she provides planning and decoration advice. The interior designer is also the ambassador of the Miliboo brand which unveiled, in early November, the 4e line of Essentiels, a collection of furniture created with the famous real estate agent. The opportunity for ELLE Déco to meet the professional.

ELLE Deco : What are the layout issues regularly encountered by your customers?

Emmanuelle Rivassoux. : There is always the problem of ceiling heights which are greater in stores. The spaces are larger, a piece of furniture then appears smaller. When customers put it down at home, it takes up too much space… I recommend placing four objects on the ground to understand the perfect lengths and widths for each piece of equipment. The choice of furniture will therefore be necessary with the measures taken. A professional never makes his plan after his shopping: he begins with his drawing, then he chooses the items according to the possibilities of his plan.

ELLE Deco: Are there any other tips you should absolutely know when fitting out a room or a home?

E. R. : Pendant lights work great above a dining table. Installed in the center, they visually establish space in space. When there is a living room and a dining room in the same room, the carpet delimits the relaxation area. You will thus have two clearly identified spaces and all this without work! The sofa positioned behind closes a large seating area.

ELLE Deco: And in decoration?

E. R. : Listening to yourself is essential! People are often afraid to go for it when choosing colors. We must limit ourselves to three, considering white, beige, black and gray as colors. Then the trick is to put a color chart on your parquet, vinyl or tiles and layer the colors. Everyone is able to see if a combination of colors matches or goes wrong, like when we get dressed in the morning. If there is any hesitation, it’s not a good combination. Now, most of the big retail brands sell mini samples for painting 1 m2 of a wall. Depending on the light, the result will not be the same. Testing is the key word!

ELLE Deco: You are an expert in Home Staging. What does it consist of ?

E. R. : The idea is to correct the problems with real estate. We work with limited budgets, since we do not want to invest too much money before a sale, a selection of materials and suitable techniques such as the use of paint, vinyl for floors, resins or concrete. We must then make future owners or tenants want to see themselves. To do this, we follow the general public decoration trends by spicing up strong pieces to enhance the decoration a little.

ELLE Deco: Is this a technique that can be adopted to simply feel good at home?

E. R. : Sure ! What can be learned from home staging, when not for sale, are quick and inexpensive methods, ideal for a tenant who wants to do a few small things at home.

ELLE Deco: What are your do’s and don’ts in decoration?

E. R. : The do is to surround yourself with objects that you love, that do you good. This is the key. Conversely, the don’t is to display them all at the same time. The shelves, like the JASPE model for example, are not really designed to stack decorative pieces. It is prettier to combine a beautiful vase with a row of beautiful books. Moreover, good storage is to have closed and open cupboards. I enclose what is ugly and only practical to highlight the beautiful accessories. Over the seasons, create a scene, rotate through the year.

ELLE Deco: Your decoration obsessions …

E. R. : Everything has its place. For me, all is well when each object is in its place, that the space is optimized, highlighted. Accessorization is also very important. As we often say: a successful decoration is in the details.

ELLE Deco: What would be the essential decoration to have at home?

E. R. : The plaid! It saves life. It can highlight a sofa, help you out to make a large tablecloth, be installed on the floor to make a chalet decoration by the fire, in a basket, as a bed runner. It is the Swiss army knife of a decorator.

ELLE Deco: Finally, your essential decoration brands are …

E. R. : I am a big fan of wallpapers so I love 4 Murs where the selection is wide. I really like Leroy Merlin because we have a real design job. They are rather avant-garde in matters. For small accessories, I often go to Foir’Fouille because there are lots of interesting little decorations.

ELLE Deco: No need to break the bank to have a beautiful decoration, then?

E. R. : Decoration is like fashion. You can wear an H&M shirt with a Chanel bag, it works very well. In an interior, it is possible to have a beautiful room that is a little expensive with very basic objects. This set creates original atmospheres. The price is not indicative of a superb result. I am rather inexpensive stores. Next to Paris, a nice place is called DOMUS, it’s a shopping center unique in Europe around the house. It allows you to search to find parts that will go to your home.

ELLE Deco: You have also been a Miliboo ambassador for 2 years, why did you join the adventure?

E. R. : At the beginning, there was only Stéphane [Plaza, N.D.L.R.], then he took me in his luggage and I arrived. I have known and loved Miliboo for years. I do a lot of my shopping at this brand, especially for “Maison à vendre” where having fast, quality and not excessive products is a real need. Miliboo addresses these issues. When he suggested that I join them, it was the next logical step! Working with them also allows me to touch the world of design that I left after my studies to become an interior designer. For “Les Essentiels”, I mainly advise Stéphane, upstream of the creation, on the trends to follow, the ideas to stand out from the competition and all the history to write. A design team takes care of the design, I don’t draw. I know Stéphane so well that I sometimes manage to be the link between what he thinks and what he wants.

ELLE Deco : The 4e capsule of “Essentials” by Stéphane Plaza and Miliboo has as fundamental the well-being at home. What is well-being at home? How to be well in your interior?

E. R. : In my opinion, being at home requires an interior that resembles us without necessarily following trends, with perhaps flaws in taste. The priority is to feel good there! Comfort then comes with a quality sofa, good chairs and suitable ergonomics. In the decoration, we favor warm colors, carpets, natural materials. This is what we may have liked in the Scandinavian style, although it has evolved for ten years. It is to have a cocooning spirit, a Scandinavian style 2.0 as with the KORO curly wool effect armchair.

ELLE Deco: You also run conferences-workshops with Miliboo, what are the topics?

E. R. : In fact, meetings are organized four times a year in the brand’s boutiques. I decipher, with the participants, the decorative trends that appear and I then give tips for applying them at home. There are always four themes addressed: lifestyle, pattern or color, design and material. At the end of the year, we can observe the cloffice trend consisting in installing an office in a space that is not dedicated to work, that of the organic with natural materials, the return of retro prints and furniture. connected. I also self-produce videos from shooting to editing! I choose my subjects which are generally planning advice or how to adopt a style. The last video was about low tables where I explained that they are placed 50 cm from the seat to be able to move around and not to stretch out too much. These tips provide Internet users with little keys that we, professionals, apply mechanically.

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