The infrastructure minister informed the Senate of the progress of public works

In a meeting with senators, Sergio Camacho, the province’s infrastructure minister, provided details on the progress of the public works plan for this year and the projection of works to be included in the 2022 Budget Bill.

The official recalled that the Budget for this year is 12,534 million pesos, which represents 200% more than the previous management, which invested 3.5% of the total budget in public works; now that percentage is almost 20%. The budget is distributed as follows; 570 million for water and sanitation works; 971 million for road works; 1819 million in homes; 780 million for public services; 305 million for infrastructure; 200 million for works in the Judicial Power and Public Ministry and 7,200 million for works executed by the Ministry of Public Works.

The budget contemplates the realization of 344, of which 147 are in execution. Another 177, not contemplated in the budget, had to be carried out due to different circumstances that arose. The minister commented that $ 807 million in new works remain to be executed to exhaust the budget, which would happen next month.

Regarding the works carried out with national funds, Camacho highlighted those of ENHOSA, which through the PROFESA and PROARSA programs They allow the provision of water networks and sewers in the case of the first and water wells in the second. In total, $ 2.4 billion are invested in 76 works and 20 wells.

In terms of housing, this year 3,514 were executed, distributed in different programs.

Regarding road infrastructure, he mentioned the construction of two bridges on the route to Los Toldos; the opening of the RP 144 between Madrejones and Vespucio; the opening of the road between Rosario de la Frontera and Guachipas between the places Cámara and Vaquería. In addition to the expansion of the RN 9/34 between Rosario and Metán.

It also works with different programs, collaborating with 32 municipalities for different works. After the minister’s presentation, legislators consulted issues related to departmental water and sanitation works, housing and health, education and security infrastructure.

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