the Indian remake of Course, Lola, course comes out of nowhere with a trailer

Netflix unveils the Fast and Furious trailer for Looop Lapeta, its Indian remake of Run, Lola, Run.

Between his successful series (The Lord of Bombay, Delhi Crime) and his original films like Bulbbul and dark fortune, Netflix is ​​gradually setting up as a major player in the Indian audiovisual landscape. The opportunity for many filmmakers to have unprecedented international visibility, while leaving the beaten Bollywood path.

This is the case of the almost beginner Aakash Bhatia, who directs here his very first feature film after having directed several episodes of the hit series. Inside Edge for competitor Amazon Prime Video. Official remake of Cult movie Run, Lola, Run by Tom Tykwer, with Franka Potente, Loop Lapeta takes up the two main concepts: a young woman has 50 minutes (20 minutes in the original) to find the astronomical sum that can save her boyfriend’s life, and to make matters worse, the principle of the time loop comes to complicate the case.

With these first images, Loop Lapeta seems to assume a frank freedom in the adaptation of its German model. Aakash Bhatia aims to combine pure nervous thriller and black comedy, in direct line with the work of Vishal Bhardwaj and Anurag Kashyap, true masters of independent Bollywood cinema in recent years. Between its modern aesthetic that is both flashy and organic, its experimental staging with changing image formats and its concept rarely explored in India, Loop Lapeta has everything to be a memorable experience.

German version

In this race against time, our intrepid heroine will experience adventures as dangerous as they are thrilling. And actress Tapsee Pannu is challenged to pass after the cult performance of Franka Potente, unforgettable with her red hair and her piercing cries. A challenge that she seems to take up with disconcerting ease. Great accustomed to thrillers and other genre films (especially Badla, Game Over or Haseen Dillruba, Bewitching Beauty, all available on Netflix), the actress is keen to confirm once again why she is considered one of the greatest hopes of her generation in India.

Looop Lapeta : photoRace against time/money

One of the great qualities of this trailer is not to reveal too much. We understand the principle of the time loop and the main issues of the story, however the film seems many more surprises in store for us. Until we know more, it’s hard not to get excited about these nervous, dynamic and mysterious images.

Still a little patience, Loop Lapeta does not release until February 4 on Netflix.

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