The incredible fortune Netflix spent on "The Squid Game"

With the market of streaming increasingly competitive, thanks to the arrival of new platforms such as Disney+ and Amazon prime, Netflix He began to invest an exorbitant amount of his budget to what he considers his winning horse: original content. However, the production that has just been crowned Netflix-The-squid-game-broke-a-new-record-and-surpassed-the-most-successful-series-20211013-0021.html “target = “_ blank”> the most successful premiere in the history of the platform cost Netflix half of the money destined to his most recognized titles.

The Squid Game“It was a calculated triumph that seemed like a surprise success. While the South Korean series took the platform’s worldwide audience by surprise, the truth is that Netflix invested $ 500 million in an Asian country at the beginning of the year, as reported Variety, in an attempt to capitalize on the wave of South Korean music, series and films that today triumph in the West.

But, How much did “The Squid Game” cost? As reported by the portal Bloomerang Based on internal documents from the streaming platform, the hit thriller cost Netflix a purchase of $ 21.4 million. Considering the success the series received, with 111 million households watching its nine episodes since its debut on September 17, this was clearly. a winning investment.

To put in context, Variety reported that two of Netflix’s flagship series, “Stranger Things” and “The Crown“received a budget of $ 8 to $ 10 million per episode. In the case of the British series, this would represent an expense of at least $ 80 million per season, almost four times more than the first season of the Squid Game.

The budget for “The Squid Game” was much lower than other Netflix hits.

The difference in the success of both productions is also abysmal: the third season of “Stranger Things“it is just the sixth biggest release de Netflix y no season of “The Crown“is in the top 10 (Although the fourth season won the Emmy Award for best drama series this year).

On Disney +, The programs of Marvel What “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier“They have prices the size of a movie, costing up to $ 5 million per episode. The Star Wars series “The Mandalorian“had a budget of $ 15 million per episode, which would put the entire eight-episode season at a price tag of $ 120 million, almost six times more than The Squid Game.

Tech giants like Apple and Amazon They have also invested large amounts in their original content, seeking to compete with Netflix. Amazon is spending $ 465 million in the first season of his upcoming television series “The Lord of the rings“, including the $ 250 million it spent on the rights.

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