The incredible before and after the daughter of Marco Antonio Solís who goes around the world

“You are disappearing from my life, little by little, little by little” he sang Beatriz Solis next to Marco Antonio Solis on the single “My New Story.” It has not transpired who the song was dedicated to, but surely it could be dedicated to those kilos that he was losing.

Thanks to a proper diet and constant training, Beatriz Solis He managed to reach his desired weight and make his body look the way he wanted it. In his Instagram account he expressed how he felt in his childhood as a result of the stereotypes that are installed in our thoughts since we were little.

Luckily now the daughter of Marco Antonio Solis she feels much safer with her body and shares it on the networks. In the “Before and After” you could see its previous version. With a more prominent bust and hips, the Mexican wore black and held a balloon. After her transformation, she is seen wearing a very tight swimsuit, slimmer, but keeping her sensational curves.

“Boom! Before and after … always, but I have always struggled with my weight, as a child it was always full, to go down and then go up. I struggled so much that I knew that my mission was to be able to help other people with the same conflict. ” He expressed about the trauma that this situation generated in his childhood.

Source: Instagram Beatriz Solís

“In 2014 I graduated as a” Dietitian “but by getting into music 100% I could not exercise my degree except with some close people … now I am almost a year of being a health coach and the truth is that it has been a of the greatest satisfactions of my life to be able to help others. Our nutrition program works if you follow it, and wow! Well here my own results. ” He said Beatriz publicizing their new project and showing that even the “daughters of” have had to read some books and take exams to succeed.

Source: Instagram Beatriz Solís

Marco Antonio Solis Through his Twitter account he sent greetings a few days ago. “Colleagues, friends, little brothers along the way of this professional life! A big hug to all of you on this # DíaDelMúsico ”. Although surely his most special greeting and hug was directed to Beatriz, his “little” great artist.


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