“The ideological noodles”: Loreto Aravena and his opinion against Carozzi after controversy with La Red

Loreto Aravena came out to comment on the controversy they face, since the weekend, Network and Carozzi, after the company decided to remove all advertising from the channel after broadcasting “The Battle of Chile”.

The actress, on her Instagram account, shared part of the text in which the brand defended itself against the allegations of the Quilín Avenue sign and its brief, but concise opinion.

“The ideological noodles”said, Loreto Aravena.

Let us remember that, through a statement, the Bofill family company pointed out that it has never sponsored political content, something that greatly annoyed La Red, who accused censorship and assured that the outstanding documentary, “La Batalla de Chile”, is “An undeniable reality in Chile that weighs on us until today due to its serious consequences for the stability of democracy and human rights violations.”

Check here the reaction of Loreto Aravena against Carozzi after controversy with La Red

Here is a trailer for “The Battle of Chile”

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