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Sometimes you had to climb or climb that wall of videos, crouch down to the floor to find some dramas or proposals hidden between the dust and the stickers that identified the cinematographic genres. Real treasures were sometimes found in those difficult places. Nothing beat the excitement of getting home to put that tape in the player and see if it had been worth all the effort.

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It is a matter of patience, luck and an open mind to escape the tops and novelty promotions that invade the screens. Moviegoers always find something.

“Netflix, for example, has the new vision of Twin Peaks, by David Lynch, inspired by the 1991 series of the same name. It’s really crazy and it’s something very interesting within the framework of what this platform proposes. I love it. It is the most ‘fried’ of all and it is on a very popular platform ”, reflects the Caleño film director Jorge Navas (Ballad for dead children, We are fever, The blood and the rain, Someone killed something).

Twin Peaks, 2017, written and directed by F} David Lynch

Twin Peaks, from 2017, written and directed by David Lynch.

The story of Dale Cooper, a detective caught up in the investigation into the death of Amanda Palmer, evolves into an insane narrative in which an alter ego of the protagonist is dedicated to making life impossible for him.

Her daring in terms of plot and narrative, led her to be an object of worship. It is a complex piece, full of dark colors and intense reds that can irritate or disconcert, but in the end, as Mark Lawson, a critic for The Guardian newspaper puts it, “the eye and the ear are always rewarded”. A whole visual and psychological journey that is worth doing.

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Directed by Korean Lee Chang-doon, and inspired by the story Barn Burning (Burning barns), by the eternal Nobel candidate, Haruki Murakami, this is a story that offers high doses of emotional tension with a friendship that does not seem to give way to anything else, and ends in a love triangle that gradually becomes complicated. little until it became more dangerous.

The writer with the soul of a loser, the girl full of powerful magnetism and a third party who comes to complicate things (which is none other than the famous Glen from the series The Walking Dead, long before being nominated for an Oscar for Minari), make up a surprising piece of film.

There are a series of very powerful readings and it is a film that is transformed like a snake.

Trials such as that of OJSimpson, accused of murdering his wife Nicole Sheridan, or Jonathan Schmitz, who killed his friend Scott Bernard Amedure, after he revealed that he was attracted to Schmitz on a television show.

What happened to Baby Jane?

What happened to Baby Jane?

What happened to Baby Jane? tells the tormented coexistence of two sisters and actresses in decline. Bette Davis y Jto Crawford They managed to impressively interpret their roles, among other things because the hatred they felt for each other was real. For many years they waged a cruel war without quarter to gain the attention of a Hollywood which was later left to their own devices, as happens in this movie. This classic of classics takes envy and resentment to unbearable levels.

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I saw myself again on HBO Max What Happened to Baby Jane ?, by Robert Aldrich. It is a movie that represents one of my favorite moments in Hollywood: the 60s.

The director assures that what he loves about one of the best works of Humphrey Bogart is that it is “a drama disguised as another genre”, in which the famous protagonist of Casablanca, becomes Dixon Steele, a screenwriter working on an adaptation of a novel that he actually hates. But then he meets Mildred, a girl who read that book and who could help him avoid that stage of his work. He takes her home to tell him the plot, she apparently leaves, and Steele becomes a murder suspect.

Riot Series

An Internal Affairs agent must investigate a riot squad

Jodie Foster and Cannes.

The USS Palomino, perhaps the less fortunate name for a shuttle that wants to make its mark in science fiction, experiences a nightmare when it runs into the ship Cygnus, floating around a black hole.

He was a tortured soul (you never really know why) who had to make profound decisions. But the good thing is that he does not do it through the excessive representation of his feelings in front of the camera and manages to show what really matters. This is one of those productions that is worth repeating several times.

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Sound of metal

What does not take your breath away is to keep looking for those cinematographic streaks that arrive without fuss on the platform menus.

Andres Hoyos Vargas

-The documentary Sovdagari the merchant (Netflix)
Director: Tamta Gabrichidze.

-A ghost in paradise (Star +)
Director: Brian de Palma

-The Mystery of Silver Lake (Amazon Prime Video)Director: David Robert Mitchell

-The Father (Paramount+)
Director: Florian Zeller

El documental D.O.A: A Rite of Passage (Amazon Prime Video)
Director: Lech Kowalski

Path to Glory (Disney +)
Director: James Gartner

-La serie Top of the Lake (Netflix)
Con Elizabeth Moss

-La serie American Rust (Paramount Plus)
Con Jeff Daniels

Happy As Lazarus
Director: Alice Rohrwacher

-La serie Gangs Of London (Starzplay).
With Joe Cole

-The enchanted crystal (Clear Video)
Director: Jim Henson

-The tongue of butterflies (Directv Go)
Director; Jose Luis Cuerda

-Jack (Disney+)
Director: Francis Ford Coppola

-Chicuarotes (El Tiempo Play)
Director Gael García Bernal

-Duna (Netflix)

Director: David Lynch

-La Posada Maldita (Claro Video)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Tony Manero (Netflix)

Director: Pablo Larrain

-The Calls series (Apple TV)
Director: Fede Alvarez

-The Belgravia series (Directv Go)
Director: Julian Fellowes

-Out (Disney+)
Director: Steven Clay Hunter

-Blue Valentine (Paramount +)
Director: Derek Cianfrance

Documental Capturing the Friedmans (HBO Max)
Director:Andrew Jarecki

-The queen (Starzplay)

Director: Stephen Frears

-If something happens to me I want them (Netflix)
Directores: Will McCormack, Michael Govier

-The chosen ones (Claro Video).
Director: David Pablos

Sinister Pact (HBO Max)
Director: Alfred Hitchocock

-White hunter, black heart
Director: Clint Eatswood

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