The heartbreaking testimony of a young woman who has multiple sclerosis and lacks money to continue her treatment

A 23-year-old girl named Yemina suffers from multiple sclerosis and needs to undergo treatment to continue living, but no organization covers the cost. The woman lives with her mother, who is in a wheelchair.

A team of HD Chronicle spoke this Saturday with Yemina at her home in Greater Buenos Aires, hoping to be a communication channel for those who wish to collaborate and make a deposit in the account with the following CVU: 0000 0031 0002 2486 6331 90; and the alias “TodosConYemina.Em”.

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but not a normal one, I have an overlapping disease: I have multiple sclerosis with neuromyelitis optica. That complicates the situation because the medication I need is very expensive.Yemina said.

And expanded: “I need Rituximab, a medication that is oncological but is useful for these superpositional diseases”.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

The young woman explained that she has no job and specified that she finds it “difficult to make ends meet”. He also pointed out that he has complications to travel to the Federal Capital, where he is treated at the Ramos Mejía hospital.

“The first treatment was covered by the hospital, but I can’t depend on it all my life”the patient lamented.

For her part, her mother said between sobs: “I feel very bad because I can’t help her, I can’t go out to do paperwork.”

“Everything costs us a lot. We have an hour and a half to travel by train to the Federal Capital”the woman finished.

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