The heartbreaking moment when a young woman reported that her father had abused her

Alejandro Rosario Manuel Leguizamón, the businessman facing a judgment after being accused of having sexually abused from four of his six daughters, for which you could receive a 50-year sentence, Had his first complaint against in 2016, when one of the victims received a letter written by himself in which he proposed to go live as “couple”.

“Mine with you is not abuse, it is incest. I am in love with you, and together we have to talk with your mother so that she can do therapy and accept it ”, said the message written in handwriting that the young woman, who was 26 years old at that time, received.

At that time, for fear, the young woman did not dare to tell her other siblings the aberrant episodes of which he was a victim at the hands of his father, with whom he worked at his Techflex membrane factory in the town of General Pacheco, in the Tigre district.

The concrete thing is that, at a family reunion, her sisters held her back to speak and tell about her ordeal. In that encounter, he realized that she had not been the only one submitted, but two other young people had also suffered sexual abuse since when they went to kindergarten. Everything had happened in the Castelar Sur house where the family lived.

When the case came to light and reached the Justice, Leguizamón fled until a year ago it was detained in a house he rented with a false identity in La Matanza. Now face the oral trial what does the Criminal Court No. 1 of Morón.

The trial prosecutor asked for a 50-year sentence jail time for the alleged abuser. For his part, the attorney for the complainants, Yamil Castro Bianchi, also requested the maximum penalty established by the Penal Code. The sentence he will receive will be announced next week.

However, the accused before the judges Mariana Maldonado, Claudio Chaminade and Juan Carlos Oboldi, denied the accusations and targeted his ex-wife for the crime he is charged with and for which he was arrested. He alleged that the situation he is going through responds to a plan orchestrated by the woman, in complicity with his daughters, the victims, to harm him and keep the membrane factory that he owns in the General Pacheco area.

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