The harsh criticism of Lionel Messi: "He’s out for a walk, he’s not going to win the Champions League"

PSG lost this Wednesday 2-1 to Manchester City for the Champons Lueague, and Lionel Messi had an opaque performance in the defeat, which also left the French team second in their group and a climate rarefied by the poor performance of the team led by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.

A) Yes, new criticisms appeared for the level of the Paris team and for the performance of the Argentine player.

Former footballer Jamie Carragher, turned analyst at CBS Sports, was forceful and He pointed out: “PSG will never win the Champions League with Messi, he’s out for a walk”.

“I just don’t think there are teams that can carry someone today. We are going to see the four teams among which I think the Champions League winner will come out: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Bayern Munich. There they do not load any player in the team. They want to load / compensate three (Mbappé, Neymar and Messi). They have no chance of winning the Champions League. Absolutely no chance! ”, He pointed out.

What’s more, The former fierce central defender referred to Pochettino’s work in the entity of the French capital and, without mincing words, advised him to leave the Parisian club to move to the Premier League: “Pochettino has to leave the club. If he has the opportunity to go to Manchester United, I would go tomorrow. And it’s because of its three stars. ”

Although, that was not all. Carragher was also very critical of Mbappé: “It frustrates me to see Mbappe more than anyone else. I can almost understand Messi up to a point, he is 34 years old, but Mbappe is 22 years old, he should be sprinting back and coming back to help his teammates against a top team from Man City. Walking in the field is not for me ”.

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