The group of masons that sweeps social networks for parodying the "Avengers"

In the social networks, you can find a great diversity of content. There is something for all tastes and some users may even surprise their ingenuity. In this case, a group of bricklayers went viral on TikTok for parodying some of the characters from the “Avengers”, the Marvel franchise. As they explained, in this way they want to encourage and promote their work.

This group of five bricklayers is from Mexico. They decided to get the most out of the rest time they had at the construction site in which they work. Supported by the architect in charge, they made a funny parody where they imitate the famous superheroes.

In this way, construction workers tried to personify the Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Deadpool, and Hawkeye. AND, characters that are popular from the Marvel Studios franchise.

The clip has 4 million views, more than 266 thousand likes and about 5 thousand comments and it was shared on the Chinese social network by the account @covocarquitectos, which is in charge of the architect Maria Jose Covarruvias. It was she who had the idea of ​​creating this type of content to promote this area and stressed that her main objective was to seek to break the stereotypes that Mexican society has with bricklayers.

“Who would you choose to take care of your work?” Was the comment of the video, where Thor is parodied with an empty bag of cement that carries like armor, and a mass that simulates to be the hammer of the god of thunder. Also, Captain America was imitated with a cement shield, Hawkeye with a wooden bow and stick.

What surprised many users was the presence of Wolverine, who is not part of the Avengers universe, but still being part of Marvel. Some accepted it. Logan was imitated by a workman who replaced his claws with long nails.

Despite its finality, the video received a lot of criticism. Covarruvias decided to answer some of the queries and criticisms from Internet users. Especially those who claimed that “they were wasting time, instead of working”. In that sense, the woman explained and made it clear that recording the video did not harm or slow down the work rhythm. In fact, it was recorded very quickly.

“The truth is that recording a TikTok does not take more than five minutes from us. Then this does not delay the work in any way. It’s like when someone in an office grabs their cell phone for a little while to use WhatsApp, they go to TikTok. They are like these five minutes of clearing up, relaxing and going back to work “, emphasized the architect.

Most of the users of the social network highlighted their initiative. There were even those who baptized them as “Los Vengañiles”. In addition, some even gave nicknames to each of the protagonists of the viral clip. It was then that names like “CemenThor”, “Ojo de gallo”, “Mezclarine” or “Captain cement”.

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