The greatest ambition of the most controversial Kirchnerist official in the cabinet

Although there is a vocation to deny it to demonstrate unity and teamwork, the Government continues to unleash several internal that end up turning the cabinet of Alberto Fernandez in a scene of war without quarter. One of those bellicose officials is the Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Feletti, whose public and not so public fights hide a greater purpose.

While the silence of the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the lack of authority of Alberto Fernández unsettle more than one in the Executive, some officials take advantage of this ‘power vacuum’ to do their thing and gain ground. Roberto Feletti is perhaps the best exponent: his statements about the possibility of increase meat withholdings they confronted him with the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, which publicly reproached him for having launched that idea without consensus.

But the controversial official did not remain silent and again challenged his direct boss with a series of messages on Twitter where he presented some conclusions from his meeting with the head of the Excluded Workers Movement, Juan Grabois. “We agree that, for this to be possible, it is essential adopt measures that allow us to decouple the impact of rising international food prices on the domestic market. As a government, we are committed to taking care of our families, “he said.

Roberto Feletti took advantage of his meeting with Juan Grabois to answer Matías Kulfas.

This confrontation with Matías Kulfas is part of another major of Roberto Feletti: his dispute with the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, who has been pushing his speech to the left in order not to lose ground against Kirchnerism.

“Why does Roberto Feletti ratify his sayings? In the province of Buenos Aires they know that ‘Los Matanza Boys’ go for more spaces within the Government after Martín Guzmán reaches an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, “said the journalist Francisco Olivera last night in the program + Voces, of the channel LN+, in relation to the group led by the Secretary of Commerce who were as officials of the municipal government of Verónica Magario between 2016 and 2019.

This is in accordance with what was also stated by the journalist Paulino Rodrigues in MDZ Radio when asked why Feletti speaks as equals with those who are ministers, such as Kulfas, Guzmán or others: “Feletti has his own flight, has autonomy and does not receive orders, but makes decisions“.

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