The Government’s response after the controversy over the use of the Mi Argentina App to campaign

The Government published a “clarification” after the criticism generated by the use of the My Argentina application to broadcast the President’s speech yesterday, with a clear electoral tone, in which he promised to “correct the errors” of his administration.

“The notification in My Argentina, which had as an institutional origin information published by Casa Rosada, was disabled as it was a system error in the automatic news selection”, Informed the Government.

However, it is not the first time that messages from the President have been broadcast through the My Argentina application. This has been repeating for at least four months. “Alberto Fernández presented the Reconstruir Program,” was published last May, in the same space where his promise of changes to yesterday’s speech now appears. Also in this way, progress was made in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus.

In its statement today, the Government justified the use of the application to disseminate the President’s activities “with federal criteria.” He stated: “In the news section of My Argentina, management activities, public events, inaugurations and announcements of new services of the national State to the citizens are disseminated, with federal criteria. For this, the Undersecretariat of Open Government and Digital Country draws on official information published on institutional websites of the Presidency, Ministries and agencies. No other information channel is taken as a source that does not fall within these aforementioned categories, nor is there own production of content ”.

The “notification” that this morning unleashed criticism said: “The President said that what most worries the government is ‘that people have work and that among those who speculate and what they invest, we go for those who produce’ when starting this noon, from the Buenos Aires party of Almirante Brown, 25 public works in 14 provinces, with an investment of 3,114 million pesos and in addition to the more than 2,500 that are under development. ”

Criticisms of the opposition

The opposition questioned in harsh terms that the official application was used to spread the message of the President of yesterday. Mario Negri, president of the radical bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, affirmed: “True to its style, Peronism confuses party with government and state. Two days after the defeat of Alberto and Cristina, they spread proselytizing advertisements on the Mi Argentina app. If anyone believed that they had understood the message of the ballot box, it is not like that. Incorrigible ”.

In the same sense it was manifested Paula Oliveto, national deputy and candidate on the list headed by María Eugenia Vidal in the city of Buenos Aires. “The state cannot be confused with the ruling party. Remove political advertising from the page My Argentina. President Fernández, it seems that they did not understand anything, ”he said.

Gerardo Milman, also a candidate for national deputy and former secretary of Federal Management of the Ministry of National Security during Patricia Bullrich’s administration, stated: “First they forced us to download an app and now they use it to campaign. There are two months until the general elections and Kirchnerism is already manipulating democracy ”.

Another opposition candidate who will compete in the general elections in November, Ricardo Lopez Murpy, added to the cataract of criticism. “Another new Kirchner scandal. As they already did with vaccines, the K once again confuse the role of the state with party issues. The My Argentina app is used to carry out procedures and provide services. They are a shame, get out the political propaganda now, ”he tweeted.

(The nation)

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