The Government will distribute 1,417,165 doses of vaccines against the coronavirus this Monday

The national government will distribute between today and next Wednesday a total of 1,417,165 vaccines in the 24 jurisdictions throughout the country. The distribution corresponds to 399,680 single dose schedules of CanSino, whose second shipment arrived last Tuesday at dawn, and will be destined for populations with difficult access such as homeless people, migrants, refugees and other groups.

Meanwhile, 760,625 inoculations of Sputnik V component 2 will be distributed jointly, which will make it possible to complete the vaccination schedule, and 156,240 of Moderna to advance with the vaccination of 17-year-old adolescents.

As officially reported, the same will also be done with the first 100,620 doses of the vaccine from the Pfizer laboratory, which arrived in the country last Wednesday, corresponding to the contract signed by the national government to receive 20 million vaccines this year. They will be aimed at teenagers.

Likewise, 17,100 units of sterile physiological solution will be distributed throughout the country, as diluent, 131,100 syringes and 100,620 vaccination cards as inputs for the application of the Pfizer laboratory vaccine, since it is a lyophilized vaccine.

In addition, on Saturday night, 530,300 AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccines arrived at the Ezeiza International Airport on flight AMX030 of the AeroMéxico company.

At dawn on Sunday 1,116,010 doses of Sputnik component 2 arrived in the country on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight, so Argentina has already received more than 60 million doses since last December, when the Vaccination Plan started.

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