The Gallardo Doll is not so "damned" ante Newell’s

In this sense, the historian of River, Raúl Alday Pascuttini (@RiverNumeros) contributed an interesting piece of information “of the 21 clubs against which Gallardo has played 6 games or more, against the only team that has no more wins than losses is against Newell’s, since each team won the same number of matches. Against the other 20 rivals that the Doll has faced 6 or more times, Gallardo has at least one more win. This account does not include the Board against whom he played 5 games with two victories for River and three for Paraná ”.

A curious fact is that Gallardo was very close to being the coach of Newell’s. The millionaire DT himself told the details of the story: “I was seconds away from making a decision, from an answer, from saying if I accepted or taking 24 hours to think about it. I took the second one because it was worth it after a good talk with the people of Newell’s ”, said the Doll, who met in San Nicolás with the leaders of leprosy in June 2014, before he began his successful cycle in the millionaire. And he added: “On my return from San Nicolás to Buenos Aires, I stopped in Cardales to visit some friends and there I received a message from Enzo (Francescoli) telling me what had happened with Ramón Díaz (he had separated from River) and that he existed a posibility. I told him that I couldn’t wait until Monday because I had to respond to another proposal (Newell’s), and everything happened quickly there, ”said River’s current DT.

Even the Doll was a frequent visitor to the Colossus to see the Newell’s de Martino when he was out of a job as a coach. He was located in the box on the Newell’s court and enjoyed the tactical movements of the red-black team that led the Tata, which ended up being crowned champion in 2013.

Here a review of the duels between the lepers and the millionaire team guided by the Doll.

This is the detail of those 6 comparisons:

October 12, 2014

First Division 2014 – Date 11

Newell’s 0 / River 1

It was the first confrontation between Newell’s and Gallardo. He won the red band 1 to 0 at the Monumental with a goal from Ramiro Funes Mori. The team led by Gustavo Raggio formed with: Oscar Ustari; Cristian Díaz, Leandro Fernández, Víctor López and Milton Casco; Horacio Orzán, Hernán Villalba, Lucas Bernardi (79 ‘Víctor Figueroa); Fabián Muñoz (59 ‘Ignacio Scocco), Leandro Figueroa (59’ Mauricio Tevez) and Maximiliano Rodríguez.

November 8, 2015

First Division 2015 – Date 11

River 0 / Newell’s 2

With goals from the referents of the current squad of Fernando Gamboa (Maxi Rodríguez and Nacho Scocco) Newell’s achieved its first victory against the Muñeco team. It was 2 to 0 in the Monumental with this formation: Ezequiel Unsain; Franco Escobar, Leandro Fernández, Nehuén Paz and Gabriel Báez; Denis Rodríguez, Hernán Villalba (74 ‘Hernán Bernardello) and Maximiliano Rodríguez; Mauricio Tevez (63 ‘Ignacio Scocco), Lucas Boyé and Martín Tonso (78’ Lucas Mugni). DT: Lucas Bernardi.


2016. The leprous 1-0 victory at Coloso came with a cry from Nacho from a penalty kick.

November 20, 2016

2016/17 Tournament – Date 11

Newell’s 1 / River 0

Another leprous success against Gallardo. It was 1 to 0 with a cry from Ignacio Scocco on the penalty and Diego Osella on the substitute bench. The rojinegros played with: Luciano Pocrnjic; Luis Advíncula, Fabricio Formiliano, Néstor Moiraghi and Nehuén Paz; Leonardo Prediger (78 ‘Jalil Elías), Juan Ignacio Sills, Mauro Formica and Maximiliano Rodríguez; Joel Amoroso (65 ‘Eugenio Isnaldo) and Ignacio Scocco (87’ Víctor Figueroa).

November 26, 2017

Superliga 2017/18 – Date 10

River 1 / Newell’s 3

Third triumph in line with leprosy against River. A Monumental victory: 3 to 1 in Núñez with Juan Manuel Llop as coach. The goals were converted by Luis Leal, a header, Brian Sarmiento (penalty) and Héctor Fértoli. Newell’s formed with: Luciano Pocrnjic; José San Román, Franco Escobar, Nehuén Paz and Leonel Ferroni; Juan Ignacio Sills, Braian Rivero (81 ‘Nery Laws), Brian Sarmiento (83’ Alexis Rodríguez) and Víctor Figueroa (70 ‘Héctor Fértoli); Luis Leal and Joaquín Torres.

March 2, 2019

Superliga 2018/19 – Date 21

River 4 / Newell’s 2

Under the technical guidance of Héctor Bidoglio, Newell’s put this streak behind him against River by losing 4 to 2 at the Monumental. Alexis Rodríguez and Pantera Leal scored the many lepers. One of River’s goals was made by Nacho Scocco, from a penalty kick. The red and black enlisted: Alan Aguerre; Facundo Nadalín, Teodoro Paredes, Fabricio Fontanini and Mariano Bíttolo; Cristian Insaurralde, Jerónimo Cacciabue, Braian Rivero and Mauro Formica (71 ‘Aníbal Moreno); Alexis Rodríguez (82 ‘Luis Leal) and Francisco Fydriszewski (55’ Víctor Figueroa).

November 30, 2019

Superliga 2019/20 – Date 15

Newell’s 2 / River 3

The last confrontation against Gallardo was almost two years ago. Frank Darío Kudelka’s team won 2 to 0 in the Coloso with goals from Cristian Lema, with a header, and Luis Leal, but River turned it around and won 3 to 2. The millionaires’ winning goal was the work of Scocco. La Lepra formed with: Alan Aguerre; Angelo Gabrielli, Cristian Lema, Santiago Gentiletti and Mariano Bíttolo; Denis Rodríguez (80 ‘Rodrigo Salinas), Julián Fernández, Mauro Formica (68’ Aníbal Moreno) and Maximiliano Rodríguez; Luis Leal and Lucas Albertengo (76 ‘Alexis Rodríguez).

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