"The future of the country is at stake, not that of our government", said Alberto Fernández after the defeat

President Alberto Fernández affirmed today that in the November 14 elections what is at stake is the “future” of the Argentines and not of his government, by sending a message to the militancy of “not lowering your arms” in the new stretch of campaign.

“We are going to correct what we did wrong,” said the head of state, at the beginning of the electoral part of his speech. The President expressed: “We listen to the voice of the people. How can we not listen to it. We value democracy a lot and every time it was interrupted we went out to defend it.”

“We listen to the voice of the people. It is the most wonderful music, as the General (Juan Domingo Perón) used to say,” stressed the national leader.

After the hard defeat in the PASO on Sunday, Fernández said: “That is why I am not going to wait a day, I did not expect anything. Yesterday I continued working and we sent the National Buy Law to Congress.”

At Almirante Brown, where the Frente de Todos won the primary elections, the President thanked the people for “accompanying and trusting” in the Government.

“And I ask those who did not vote for us to please think about Argentina. Living in a country where SMEs close is not a good country,” emphasized the head of state, sitting between the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa.

In this context, he referred to the debate to cancel the compensation, as stated by some opposition leaders before the PASO, and argued that the government wants “work to be a right and not a cost.”

“The best country was the one that expanded rights and not the one that restricted,” emphasized Alberto Fernández, who indicated that “some believed that public health could take a back seat.”

“We are in the campaign. We begin the definitive campaign, that no militant lowers her arms. We must go out with the same conviction as always to tell people what is at stake, because what is at stake is their future, not ours. government “, stressed the President.

And he added: “In November we did not interrupt the march that we started in 2019. What we did wrong, we will correct, what was missing, we will do, and the mistakes made, we will not make again.”

The photos of the President voting in a ballot box with a cut security strip are true and the Justice investigates

Fernández visited the Ball packaging factory, in the Burzaco industrial park, where the company directors announced an investment of 60 million dollars and the creation of new jobs.

“I really congratulate you and thank you for continuing to trust Argentina. We need private investment, production and generate employment. We have a solid and dizzying growth at 8 percent and next year we will continue on that path, “said Fernández.

“Industry is the engine of that growth. I am convinced that private investment calls for work and that this sum of capital plus work sets the gears of a society that needs to grow with work, ”he said.

The President was accompanied by the ministers, of Productive Development Matías Kulfas and of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; and the mayor of Almirante Brown, Mariano Cascallares, in addition to company authorities.

The company’s investment plan for 2021-22 aims to expand the installation of a new production line, which will allow them to increase their production capacity by 643 million cans (30 percent more than the current one) at a time. 46 new jobs will be generated. (NA)

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