The formalization against the former director of the PDI Héctor Espinosa continues

During this Thursday, the formalization hearing of the former director general of the Investigative Police (PDI) continued, Hector Espinosa Valenzuela, for alleged responsibilities in the crimes of embezzlement of public funds, falsification of public instruments and money laundering.

Eugenio Campos, Magallanes regional prosecutor in charge of the investigation, said in Third that “between 2015 and 2017, in the premises of the institutional building located in General Mackenna 1370, in the commune of Santiago, the aforementioned general director of the PDI stole huge amounts of money from public resources destined to the satisfaction of reserved expenses and allocation of said institution ”.

In total, and during those years, Espinosa would have been made with 146 million Chilean pesos, those that were hidden through the participation of figureheads. Also, during that time the former director would have had at his disposal more than 1,300 million pesos for reserved expenses.

Within the same process, they are also formalizing María Magdanela Neira Cabrera, Espinosa’s wife, and Eduardo Villablanca, who was an assistant to the former director during the six years at the head of the institution.

The investigation began after a suspicious operation report, made by the Financial Analysis Unit, which came to alert the Public Ministry. Last January, the banking secrecy of Espinosa and his wife was lifted, which revealed a discrepancy between the amounts they handled there, within the bank, and their salaries.

Espinosa’s defense points out that the events they have already been investigated and dismissed. However, the process continues and during this Thursday any possible precautionary measure against the former director will be evaluated.

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