The Flower Kings announced their new album “By Royal Decree”

Progressive rock band The Flower Kings announce their 15th studio album ‘By Royal Decree’. It will go on sale on March 4, 2022.

According to their presentation: “The band is back in its most creative, flowery and playful form, reflecting the melting pot of folk, symphonic, electronic, jazz, blues, funk and progressive from the 70s. For this new work the group has sought a more organic and vintage sound, still cemented around drums, bass, guitars and the iconic Hammond, piano and synthesizers ”.

The album features the return of founding member Michael Stolt, who takes the reins of bass and vocals and joins the line-up of Mirko DeMaio on drums, Zach Kamins on keyboards, Hasse Fröberg on guiatarras and vocals and Roine Stolt to the voices and guitars. The band got into the Fenix ​​studios in Sweden in mid-2021 to record entirely in analog. The album again contains a Kevin Sloan cover.

In the coming years the band will be revisiting songs from their early years such as ‘Retropolis’, ‘Stardust We Are’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Space Revolver’ and ‘Back In The World Of Adventures’ during their tours. This will coincide with the remastering of The Flower Kings albums on CD and Vinyl scheduled for late 2022.

Here the cover:

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