The flood reached Carlos Paz and brought relief in the mountain village

After the intense rain that began this Wednesday at dawn and continued for several hours, the flood reached Lake San Roque, passing through the center of Villa Carlos Paz.

Minutes before 9 o’clock, a flood of approximately two meters began to enter the San Antonio River at the height of Cuesta Blanca. Slowly but steadily, the torrent of water advanced until, after 1:00 p.m., it reached the center of Villa Carlos Paz.

It should be remembered that, according to INA CIRSA, in the upper San Antonio basin it rained 48 mm and in Cosquín, 29.78 mm. In Carlos Paz, the record of rainfall was uneven in the neighborhoods; but it ranged from 16mm to 32mm.

Relief for San Roque: the flood reached the center of Carlos Paz

It is an important contribution of water, not only because it contributed water and humidity to the mountain and, in this way, the risk of fires is reduced; but mainly because it raised the flow of the San Antonio River, which is very significant days after the orange alert was declared due to the shortage of water.

Source: Carlos Paz Vivo.

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