The first poster of the film starring Tom Holland, based on the well-remembered video game, was revealed

“Uncharted”, one of the great tapes of Sony for him 2022, premiered its first promotional poster a few hours ago and in it, you can see a new look at the protagonists of this production: Tom Holland In the role of Nathan Drake Y Mark Wahlberg embodying Sully.

The new Sony tape, of which only one image uploaded by the same was known Holland, said in his first preview that: “In an action-adventure epic that spans the world, the two go in search of ‘the greatest treasure ever found’ while simultaneously pursuing clues that may lead to Nathan’s lost brother.”

This is what the first official “Uncharted” poster looks like. Photo: Twitter @unchartedmovie

“Uncharted”, which has great visual effects and spectacular action scenes, has in its cast with Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) Mark Wahlberg (Sully), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier) y Tati Grabielle (Braddock), among many others.

The person in charge of directing the film will be Ruben Fleischer, who caught the attention of Hollywood with comedy “Zombieland” (2009) and who rose to prominence by directing the film of the villain of ‘Spider-Man’, “Venom” (2018).

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The plan to bring the adventures of “Uncharted” has been circling in Hollywood during the last decade without being able to materialize until now.

Directors like David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook”, 2012) o Travis Knight (“Bumblebee”, 2018), among many others, were linked to this project until Fleischer took the reins.

Mark Wahlberg, confirmed a few months ago that the filming of this movie about “Uncharted”, which will serve as a prequel to the video game’s plots: “Originally I was going to play Nathan Drake but I got old (smiles). So now I will play Sully and Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake […] “This movie feels like ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Romancing the Stone’ (1984) or like ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ (1968). I fell in love with the script and we will see how things evolve to create something new and different“, He said.

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