The first part of the documentary more "honest" about The Beatles

The first part of documental “The Beatles: Get Back”, in which director Peter Jackson intends to give the most “honest” vision of the band, premiered today on Disney +.

The first part of the great documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”, in which the director Peter Jackson aims to give the most “honest” view of the band ever known, it premiered today on Disney +.

In the new recording Jackson offers unpublished images that clarify the idea that the meeting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to record his last album, “Let It Be” in January 1969 was the beginning of the end of the band, as it has happened in history.

In total, the docuseries will have more than six hours of duration when the three episodes of which it consists are published on the payment platform, the second tomorrow, Friday, November 26, and the third on Saturday, the 27th.

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What Jackson comes to show, after accessing more than 60 unpublished hours of footage (the band invited a television team to those sessions), and 150 hours of audio recording, is that the documentary “Let It Be”, released in January 1970, a month after they announced their breakup, it has marked the historical memory of the end of The Beatles.

In that documentary, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who had directed a year before 21 days of television recordings in the studio, I would have chosen to reflect only a small part, the one that showed the most bitter face.

A traumatic and conflictive vision that, according to Jackson, could even permeate the memories of some members of the band – Lennon said that the recording of “Let It Be” had been “hell”.

But in “Get Back” it can be seen that there was much more besides bitter Ups and downs in the relationship between the members of the Liverpool group and the abandonment of George Harrison’s studio for a few days.

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“Overall this stuff is really fun and there was a lot of humor in the band “, Jackson claimed in a recent interview with EFE.

The New Zealand director says that he did not intend to rewrite history, but “to tell what happened from day to day” and for it to unfold “as it really happened.” “Honestly, all those comments (like Lennon’s) I think are the memories they have of seeing ‘Let It Be’, not of what really happened in January 1969.”

Among many other images, in “Get Back” are all four joking, especially Lennon, who appears in some scenes doing the hooligan, mixed with others of the mythical performance on the roof of Apple’s offices on Savile Row street in London.

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The impromptu concert that lThe Beatles on the Roof was filmed on January 30, 1969 and it was the band’s first live performance in more than two years and their last as a group.

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