The first miniature satellite of Argentine origin was launched into space

President Alberto Fernandez considered that the Argentines “have more sovereignty”, highlighting the launch this noon of the first miniature satellite of Argentine origin, called “General San Martín”. There, he congratulated the group that developed the artifact for their work, in direct communication with Mar del Plata, where the companies that built it are located. The satellite left the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Base (U.S) and will provide Internet access to agricultural producers in rural areas throughout the country.

The apparatus placed in orbit is of the type PocketQube, has a weight of 1 kilogram and measures approximately 50mm x 50mm x 150mm, and has among other objectives “to enhance the country’s productivity, collaborate in the modernization of processes, provide information online and remotely on the status of crops and livestock, and collaborate to reduce costs in the launch of satellites.”

For the development of picosatellite, which is part of a project of the Mar del Plata company Innova Space and with the collaboration of the Technical School No. 5 of Mar del Plata, “the Ministry of Productive Development allocated almost 50 million pesos, in addition to facilitating the generation of an incipient business niche for the country,” added the Casa Rosada in a release.

The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the company Innova Space in Mar del Plata, from where the CEO and teacher Alexander lamb the historical event followed along with students who participated in the initiative and officials, who attended in person and virtually according to each case.

“This is sovereignty, that we can know issues as important as the weather of a country that needs to know to develop agriculture, livestock, to safeguard people from eventual rivers that overflow, rains and inclement weather,” he said Alberto Fernandez.

“Admire those who are in Mar del Plata, who are Argentines with an enormous vocation to see their homeland grow, to connect to their homeland and to reach places where sometimes the Internet does not reach. The Internet makes the development of a country and It is something that any Argentine must have access to, “remarked the head of state.

Matías Kulfas with Alberto Fernández.

For his part, the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, pointed out that the launch of the first miniature satellite of Argentine origin shows that “the exit is not for Ezeiza”, but to work and “give opportunities to young people” based on public policies and “concrete incentives”, by participating in the launch of the first picosatellite from Latin America.

“The launch of this satellite, General San Martín, is the result of a set of things: having a public policy, such as the Knowledge Economy Law that we launched in 2020, giving concrete incentives to a sector that has a capacity enormous to generate value, qualified jobs, give opportunities to young people and show them that the way out is not Ezeiza but to work here and show the potential “, he assured Kulfas within the framework of the event, in which he was present virtually.

Kulfas He asserted: “This is a very clear example of all that we can do as Argentina and Argentina together, get out of the idea that we are saved with financial speculation. We are saved by growing every day.”

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