The Fidel Castro Ruz Center is inaugurated in Havana

The Fidel Castro Ruz Center was inaugurated this Thursday in Havana, five years after his death.

The new institution was endorsed on an exceptional basis by Law 123 of the National Assembly of People’s Power of 2016 “On the use of the name and figure of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz”, who made it clear that he did not want to appear in anything after of his death.

However, the creation of this institution with his name was legislated for the study and dissemination of his thought and work.

This center, points out the official newspaper Granma, was erected in Vedado, after the restoration of one of its most luxurious mansions that covers an entire block at the intersections of Paseo and 11 streets, still in the midst of the crisis facing the country in terms of housing and in general.

At the beginning of this year, a Facebook group shared images of how the restoration of the property had been that would occupy the Fidel Castro Ruz Center and users did not miss the opportunity to flood the comments of the publication on the social network.

On that occasion an Internet user considered that the center would be “to worship his personality !!! And keep alive the legacy of hunger ”.

“Wasn’t it that nothing could bear his name?” Asked another user, referring to Castro’s alleged last will not to use his name in works or public places after his death.

The same in another comment they said: “What a repulsion!” “How much waste in the midst of a global pandemic and a country mired in an unprecedented economic crisis, they have no shame.”

The restoration of that property took at least two years of work And, according to Alberto Alvariño, head of the Office for the Preservation of Documentary Heritage, this study center will have a political, public nature, in addition to being equipped with high technology to stimulate interactive information with emphasis on adolescent children and young people.

The building that now occupies the Fidel Castro Ruz Center belonged to Lila Hidalgo-Gato, one of the greatest benefactors of the republican society. The Hidalgo-Gato family owned, among other things, the Rancho Boyeros hospital.

After 1959, that mansion became part of the Ministry of the Interior, which used it as a care center for minors with behavior problems.

The restoration work was also extended to the surrounding streets and sidewalks, which were repaired.

Around it, a 400 meter long perimeter fence was installed, and the front street was paved as it was originally.

This center could be directed by Lázaro Expósito Canto, after having been released as the first secretary of the Party in the province of Santiago de Cuba, according to the ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel.

In an official tribute for his work at the PCC, the president affirmed that “Lázaro does not say goodbye at all, he is going to assume tasks in the direction of important projects linked to the life and work of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, and in fact linked to the history of the Revolution in the provinces Orientals, to which he has already dedicated a large part of his time, with precise indications from Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, and therefore he will continue to participate here “.

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