The Federal Electricity Commission cuts the power to the storm drain in the Municipality of Torreón

Due to “irregularities” the supply of electricity to a storm drain serving the Municipality of Torreón was suspended, events that occurred on Wednesday afternoon and within the framework of a rainy day in practically the entire Lagunera region.

It was minutes after 2:00 p.m. that a crew of workers from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) arrived at the intersection of the Agroindustrias extension and the Pedro Rodríguez Triana boulevard, right at the main access to the Oriente Industrial Park, one of the areas of the city that historically register the greatest floods and in which the pluvial gully had been installed as a way to solve this situation.

Before the gaze of Simas Torreón operators, the workers of the federal company proceeded to disconnect some elements of high voltage wiring that go from the general network to the municipal equipment, which caused the carcamo to be turned off suddenly and despite the fact that he was dumping rainwater from the surroundings.

The paramunicipal employees asked the workers of the Federal Electricity Commission for explanations, who only limited themselves to showing that they had a “disconnection” order due to the irregularity found from the prison itself.

By 2:30 pm, the service at the municipal facility was completely suspended and despite the fact that there were still puddles on the Agroindustrias extension of the Oriente Industrial Park.

El Siglo de Torreón went directly to the site and confirmed with operators of the storm drain that the equipment was already out of service, in addition to the fact that there was no alternative means of energy supply, so there was no other option but to “wait indications ”from the municipal authority on issues of reconnection and resumption of service in general.

It should be noted that the pluvial gully of the Parque Industrial Oriente covers the entire area of ​​the same park, a commercial plaza that reaches the Torreón-Matamoros highway, as well as two housing sectors, at least three educational institutions and other commercial spaces along the route of the Pedro Rodríguez Triana boulevard.

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