“The FdT numbers show that if they don’t do things right, they won’t vote for them."

The Secretary of Government of Bahía Blanca and now a candidate for councilor for the Juntos front, Adrián Jouglard, assured that the numbers obtained by the ruling party at the national level show that they have not had a correct management and that there is a lot of anger on the part of the people for different issues related to the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The FdT numbers show that if you don’t do things well, they don’t vote for you. Before, we understood that the people belonged to a political party and did not vote for anything else; now it is freer and responds to forms of government ”, he assured.

In that sense, he stated that the government of Alberto Fernández generated much annoyance in society in matters related to the management of the pandemic, such as “the confinement, the presence in schools, the parties in the fifth of olive trees, the purchase of vaccines and the VIP vaccine ”.

“All this has been added and, in a society hurt by the pandemic, it has ended up taking away confidence towards the national and provincial government and, in particular, from the representatives that are in the city. The numbers they have obtained in Bahia are even lower than at the provincial level, “he said.

Jouglard stressed that the results of the PASO show a “general apathy, product of the lack of responses from politics to improve the conditions of the people.”

“The pandemic exacerbated an economic situation that has been declining permanently, and a decline that generates that every day some neighbor has to give up something they do due to lack of money, and that ends up generating discomfort,” he said.

In the general elections in November there will be an increase in the number of voters, which will be between 7 and 10%. In the PASO, there is a group of people who did not vote, ”said Jouglard.

In dialogue with the program Company News, which is issued by “LU2”, Jouglard acknowledged that although he hoped that the Bahian government would win the election at the municipal level, he did not imagine doing so because of such a difference. The official numbers indicate that Juntos obtained 47.76%, against 21.92% of the FdT, when there is still a little more than 2% of the polled tables to enter.

“We didn’t think we could win because of this difference. We assumed that we could make a good choice, because we were on two lists with two important figures, such as Diego Santili and Facundo Manes, but we did not have this high number nor did we believe that the FdT was going to fall to these levels, “he said.

In that sense, he stated that the results of the PASO are a sign of trust on the part of society, although he acknowledged that “people give their votes for a time to the chosen one, they take an exam and if they don’t like it, they can give them to them. to another”.

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“These issues have been seen, above all, in the Greater Buenos Aires, where it was believed that they would always vote for Peronism. To the extent that people have critical thinking about the politicians to whom they entrust us with the vote, we will be permanently accountable, “he added.

As for his work in the Deliberative Council from December, where the ruling party is expected to have its own majority if it maintains the numbers from last Sunday, he said that the intention is to transfer the work that he has been doing to the head of the Government Secretariat.

“We must take the complaint of the neighbors, working in consensus to have a productive legislative body. Now there is talk of the majority that we could have on the CD, but the truth is that we are a coalition of parties, to which others are going to join, “he said.

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In addition, regarding the possibility of a third force intervening between the ruling party and the justicialist party, especially after the election made by the Avanza Libertad Front in Bahía Blanca, he pointed out that the idea will be to articulate with all the council members the fundamental aspects in as for the development of the city.

“The steps taken today in the Executive should not be modified much. In addition, in the Deliberative Council the plurality of the voices of the councilors will be added, ”he said.

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