The families that were involved in the fatal accident in La Pampa were from Las Heras and Maipú

A Maipucina family was traveling in the Toyota, apparently going to Necochea. There were four people who had to be rescued by the Volunteer Firefighters of Realicó. According to sources in the area it is the helicopter pilot Pablo Slavick (40) and three minors: a girl of 3 who died, a 9-year-old boy who is hospitalized and a 14-year-old teenager whose injuries would not be so serious. Slavick, meanwhile, remains in intensive care.

Therefore, as noted above, for now there are six deceased.

Several dead in a crash on National Route 188

The latest medical reports indicate that the three survivors are still alive. They are being treated at the Santa Teresita Clinic in Realicó and at the Gobernador Centeno healthcare facility in General Pico.

The Toyota, which was going from west to east, remained on the asphalt while the Citroen, which was moving in the opposite direction, overturned a few meters away. They suspect that the reflection of the sun may have played tricks on drivers, since the incident took place in the middle of the sunset. Here, the image of one of the shots:

accident mendocinos dead2.jpg

The Citroen was overturned, with four victims inside and one who was thrown.

Foto: Infotec 4.0

A year ago, also on route 188

According to colleagues from La Pampa, the point of the collision is in an area where tragedies of this type are regularly recorded. The poor condition of the asphalt road and the irregularity of the shoulders are mentioned as some of the factors that make traffic dangerous.

A year ago, in fact, four tourists who were going from Buenos Aires to the south of Mendoza died in an accident that occurred exactly on the same route, and among the victims there was also a baby. On that occasion, the car in which they were traveling collided with a truck, whose driver was unharmed.

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