The expensive dinner that Cristiano Ronaldo gave to his wife Georgina – International Football – Sports

Well … he did not use any of his luxurious cars but took her to the airport, they took his private plane and went to another country for the pure whim of eating in a restaurant that everyone talks about. Or then the money for what?

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Cristiano was ruled out of the FA Cup match against Aston Villa due to a hip injury and for that reason he had a romantic getaway, this time without his four children, from whom he does not usually separate.

The other children of the Portuguese star were in charge of ‘revealing’ the news.

The couple, who met and fell in love in Madrid in 2016, are said to have enjoyed a test menu of 100 euros per head, focused on fresh vegetables and fish.

The reason for their visit has not been clarified and why they chose to stay in a hotel instead of their home in a gated community called La Finca, near Madrid, but it is known that they were in the city after the footballer’s own publication in a lake.

Her trip to Madrid coincided with the inauguration of a giant poster of her in the central Plaza Colón in Madrid.


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