The excuses and comparisons of Víctor Hugo Morales after the defeat in the PASO

The defeat of the Frente de Todos in most of the country left many of its supporters perplexed. The analyzes were varied, and the conclusions very different. There are those who ask for absolute changes and those who want “more Kirchnerism“within it Kirchnerism. Victor Hugo MoralesInstead, he concentrated on finding excuses for the ruling party’s electoral performance.

From the outset, the journalist spoke of an “electoral debacle,” but rather than blame it on the decisions of President Alberto Fernández, he preferred to blame other factors. What he said was that what is happening in Argentina is happening “all over the world”, referring to discontent with the political class.

In this regard, he assured that the pandemic and the measures to contain the coronavirus were ultimately to blame for the defeat. “The pandemic is wearing all governments,” he explained, and compared Alberto Fernández with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European and North American leaders: “Merkel loses, who knows of her defeat and walks away with lamentation through his teeth because he knows they do not deserve it; Macron suffers, the unspeakable; the Mexican government loses plebiscite; Piñera falls; Trump fell; Bolsonaro falls; VOX wins. “

At this point he referred to the quarantine, and charged against “the young people”, who did not want to accept the months-long confinement imposed by the Argentine government. He also spoke of the economic crisis, which he considered a global phenomenon and not an Argentine one, despite the recovery that was seen in many countries after the end of quarantines.

The bunker of the Frente de Todos stopped being a party when the results were known.

Curiously, he dedicated a paragraph to two “enemy” media. “The Nation said: ‘Electoral debate of the Government’. And it is true. Clarín said: ‘Surprising opposition victory in Buenos Aires and 14 other provinces’. And it is true,” he said. Victor Hugo Morales.

Despite all this, he indicated that he does not believe that it is necessary to change course for November. “The worst thing would be in the middle of the river to change the route”, launched the journalist on the immediate future of the Kirchnerism.


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