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Diego Armando Maradona, the “Ten”, will be one of the very few human beings who will transcend his own existence and reach eternity, loved by those who did not see him play, by those who did not know him or will know him, because this is what each and every one of the tributes that they lavished on him these days until this Thursday, the one year after his death, or perhaps better said, the beginning of his second half.

And the most palpable sample of the latter was revealed in the afternoon with the celebration of a mass in front of his birth house in Villa Fiorito, as if it were a second baptism, a rebirth.

To get there, a march was held that began at the Villa Fiorito train station (the i and the o together formed a 10 in light blue and white) organized by Armando Fleita, who runs the cultural center “La Casa de Fiorito” and is the owner of the communal Radio Maradó.

“We organized this torch march from the Fiorito station passing through the Estrella club, which is where Diego came from, to later celebrate this mass that we were already going to perform last year, but we wanted the priest from here to celebrate it, Paco Olveira, and it could not be. Luckily this year he can be there and that is why we carry all this forward ”, said Fleita.

At the mass he attended Lidia “Taty” Almeida, a reference to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founder Line, and Father Olveira, who officiated the mass, previously offered perhaps the most significant and emblematic phrase of that aforementioned passage of Diego to eternity on the day of the first anniversary of his death: “The Hand of God is in the hands of God today.”

“Because Diego is from Villa Fiorito and he never left the neighborhood, even though he has been all over the world and has been a world figure within football but also outside of it,” remarked the priest of the native payment of the best footballer of the history.

The Villa Fiorito station where Diego took the train to travel to La Paternal to play in the first division of Argentinos Juniors also became a place of worship for all Maradonian devotees.

diego torches

Of course, the acts of love towards Diego on this particular day, and in the previous ones in general, went through all the stadiums and areas within and outside of football, as Father Olveira said, passing through Lionel Messi, following the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, and by referents from different social spheres around the world.

But to those samples made in view of the whole world at this time, many others were also brought to light that speak of a fidelity and devotion for Maradona that exceeds this time and even his family, such as the names that refer to Diego and that puts whoever his partner and friend, Héctor Enrique, was in each of his endeavors.

Or the baptized Napoli Argentino, a new football club from Berazategui based in Ranelagh that with its name wanted to resignify the love that its founders profess for Maradona, and that now from the Chascomús League they want to make the leap to the Regional Federal Amateur dreaming of , one day, by getting on the Federal A.

Other events held in La Paternal of his beginnings as a footballer in Argentinos Juniors, and in La Plata, where he finished his career as a coach in Gymnastics and Fencing, also framed a day that from Tuesday had the proclamation of each first division stadium that he he was turning his tribute with the players lined up, forming with their bodies the 1 and 0 of the only “Ten”.


In Naples, a massive march was held and a statue was discovered at the entrance to the stadium where Diego shone in the 80s.

It is that like him on the field, each expression by name and not in his name, has the intention of creativity, of the artistic, and therefore of the inevitably emotional.

Is that Diego united everyone, the repeated history of each recognition, each applause, each recurring song for “he who does not jump, is an Englishman”, was the consequence of a single cause: trying to understand why Maradona left, why it is no longer with its imprint similar to any other.

And then that feeling from the beginning will return. That if Diego could do everything in life, then how could he not be able to do so now, if it is eternal.

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