The doll from “The Squid Game”: this is how she watches the streets somewhere in the world

Throughout all the world critical praise has not been long in coming for The Squid Game, one of the most popular series of the moment on Netflix —And possibly the entire history of this platform of streaming-. Millions of attentive spectators have witnessed The Squid Game and how its seemingly harmless opening premise becomes more and more macabre as the episodes progress.

Recovering korean childhood games, Hwang Dong-hyuk’s creation finds a way to mix the terror, the desire for survival and an incisive observation on the inequalities that are experienced in this country.

The fateful doll is present

Those who have already seen the first episode will remember —with singular vividness, it should be clarified— to the fateful doll that watches impassive to the participants in the first game; the disturbing figure that forces you not to move, to stay as still as possible. Likewise, they will surely remember the fate that awaits anyone who dares to disobey it. But if you thought that terror would stay on the other side of the small screen, you will be surprised to see what the Netflix team has installed in the capital of the Philippines.

As of September this year, the Robinsons Galleria Ortigas shopping center have a pair of red eyes that never close. That’s how it is; a replica of the doll has been installed in the pedestrian crossing towards the entrance of the establishment. Slightly smaller than the original model used in production, the objective of this animatronic it is the opposite of its television counterpart: saving life, not ending it.

The doll from “The Squid Game” has become the emblem of the series. (Free Press Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

This is due to the fact that the figure has been installed to prevent people from crossing the street at the wrong time, when the passage is not allowed and could suffer an accident. Equipped with motion detection, which is capable of keep an eye on offenders, making his eyes glow red to warn them of danger.

As for the real doll, it can be found in Korea, a few kilometers from Seoul, receiving visitors in a carriage museum called “Macha Land”. It is noted that one hand is missing; this was lost during the filming of the series.

The Squid Game is now available on Netflix, where nine episodes of thriller, action and drama combine to deliver you a series like no other.

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